Ashton Kutcher Argued For Gun Control, But May Have Just Stepped In It BIG TIME In Process

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Among the Hollywood celebrities calling for more gun control after the mass shooting at the bar in Thousand Oaks, California was actor Ashton Kutcher.

And he told a story about how he obtained a gun that he now said he was likely never to use.

But people immediately saw a problem with his story.

Cue the guy from the NRA:


That’s not looking good for Ashton.

But Kutcher demonstrated one of the problems with celebrities and their arguments for gun control.

They apparently don’t even know what laws already exist. But want more that will “do something” even as they may fail to comply with the ones already there.

And while they preach about wanting to restrict guns while not knowing what laws already exist, they fail to understand just how many lives guns do save in the right hands, in part because many of them don’t live in safe environments, with walls or guards. And they don’t have to wait for help.

Here’s just a sample from answers to Kutcher:

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