Time to Be Polite Is Over: Heated Fox Co-Hosts Confront Juan Williams on Air: ‘If You’re Going to Sit There and Call Your Colleague a Liar…’

What happened to Juan Williams? For several years he was a reasonable Democrat on Fox News who seemed like he was at least interested in calling balls and strikes. Those days are long gone and it seems like Williams completely went off the deep end when Trump became president. Now, the guy really can’t be taken seriously.

He reminded us of that fact yet again on ‘The Five’ this week when he basically called his colleague a liar for reporting that there are criminals coming here in the migrant caravan.

From The Daily Caller:

“Juan, I have to address some of the things you just said. Sara Carter, one of your colleagues here at Fox News, went down there. Actually you’re not there. She’s down there. She’s a colleague. Spoke to Guatemalan intelligence and interview people in the caravan and is confirmed there is MS-13 affiliated gang members among the caravan,” Watters stated.

“If you are going to sit there and call your colleague a liar while you are sitting on your tush in a nice air-conditioned studio in Manhattan, I really think that’s unbecoming,” Watters continued. “Second of all, you have not said — what are you going to do but the caravan, Juan? You have no plans to do anything about it. Have you had anything to add of substance to what to do with this 7,000 strong migration coming north? What are you going to do?”

“Why don’t they fix the immigration system that is so badly broken in our country,” Williams shot back. “This is lowball politics and you are on message for President Trump, although today he said he has no proof.”

Here’s the full segment. It gets going around the 8:15 mark.

First of all, every single person who comes here illegally in that caravan is a criminal by definition.

Second of all, we know for a fact there are MS-13 gang members and other criminals in this caravan. Don’t take my word for it. Members of the caravan are openly admitting that.

Juan Williams is just doing what every Democrat in America does these days. Call your opponent racist when you start losing the argument.