Pelosi Shoots Feinstein in Foot, Files FOIA to Unveil the Report She Wanted Buried Forever

Democrats seem to be imploding in the wake of their inability to stop the Kavanaugh confirmation despite slinging all kinds of dirt at the man. And they don’t appear to be on the same page at all. And one evidence of that is the move that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is taking that just may expose what her colleague in the Senate, Sen. Dianne Feisntein (D-CA) was working so hard to hide in the Kavanaugh case.

You may recall the look that Feinstein had when she came out from looking at the FBI report. She looked like someone just whacked her between the eyes, she was teary-eyed and she was scared.

This video went viral capturing her look.

And Feinstein moved to have whatever was in the report sealed, as CNN’s Elizabeth Landers reported.


A few reasons pop to mind.

One is that then the public can’t see how thoroughly the report refuted the allegations. By sealing it, she could still make an attempt at arguing that it was an “incomplete investigation.”

The second is that the FBI apparently reported that Leland Keyser told them she had been pressured to try to change her story which basically refuted Ford by “Ford allies” according to the Wall Street Journal report. The specific ally called out was FBI agent Monica McClean. McClean’s lawyer David Laufman denied that she pressured Keyser. And seeing the report could tell more about that.

It could also reveal more about which Senate Democrats reportedly reached out to Deborah Ramirez trying to solicit her to come forward and could give more of as sense as to which Democrat leaked the Ford confidential letter since only Democrats, Feinstein and Rep. Anna Eshoo and their staffs had access to it.

But Feinstein’s effort to keep the report from getting out may now be in trouble from Nancy Pelosi.

From Conservative Tribune:

Now, however, one of Feinstein’s fellow California Democrats has basically shot her in the foot.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, in a written statement to her colleagues, revealed on Saturday that she was filing a Freedom of Information Act request on the FBI’s investigation into Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual assaults.

“To preserve the full record of this dark chapter, I am filing a FOIA request so the public can see the FBI report, transcripts of interviews, instructions from the White House, and any communications to the FBI from Senate Republicans regarding the scope of the investigation. This is important to set the record straight,” the statement reads.

Pelosi’s FOIA request flies directly in the face of what Feinstein had said about keeping the investigation under wraps. Feinstein cited concerns about witness identities being exposed in the FBI report. Pelosi, apparently, has no such qualms.

The Senate Judiciary Republicans were not at all concerned with Pelosi, even trolling her a bit, offering her the link to how to file for FOIA.

But thinking Feinstein isn’t going to like to see all that might be revealed.

Democrats can either keep up this nonsense and be sore losers on the point. Or move on and hope that the Republicans aren’t serious about investigating who leaked the letter, if Leland Keyser was pressured, if the Democrats had a hand in the Ramirez allegation and a variety of other questionable actions.