Trump Jr. Digs Up Old Video of Whoopi, Uses it to Teach Her to NEVER Mess with His Children Again

Isn’t it crazy to think about how there are millions of people out there who actually take ‘The View’ seriously as a place to get news from? Just imagine that for a second. There are people out there who actually listen to Joy Behar without laughing or cringing. Pretty mind boggling.

There’s nothing Whoopi and the gang won’t say to smear conservatives and they have no problem just regurgitating the most vile talking points while they complain about Trump being mean at the same time. Recently, Whoopi Goldberg had the nerve to accuse Trump Jr.’s son of having ‘abusive tendencies’ with absolutely no proof or evidence to back that up.

Obviously, that’s ridiculous and Trump Jr. let her know just how ridiculous it was.

From The Daily Caller:

Donald Trump Jr. did not hold back his thoughts when he responded to Whoopi Goldberg after she implied that his sons must have abusive tendencies.

“You only worry about this for your child if you think your child has these tendencies,” Goldberg shared on “The View” Tuesday. “If you think your child is not someone who is assaulting people, it shouldn’t be a concern for you.”

“@WhoopiGoldberg, instead of insinuating that my sons are potential future abusers, you might want to explain why you defended actual child rapist Roman Polanski? ‘I don’t believe it was ‘rape’ rape.’ – Whoopi Goldberg on Roman Polanski,” Trump Jr. captioned his post on Instagram, along with a throwback clip from when “The View” co-host appeared to be defending Polanski over allegations that he had sex with a minor.

Liberals in Hollywood have absolutely no room to talk about abusive tendencies. How many times has Whoopi slobbered all over Bill Clinton? Like a million? Also, that’s a great point about Polanski.

Whoopi should probably just sit this one out.