Ford Slips During Hearing and Reveals She Lied about Fear of Flying, Just Wanted to Delay Kavanaugh Vote

One of the ways that Democrats and Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers delayed the hearing was to complain that she had a fear of flying and would have to drive across the country in order to get to the hearing. But during the hearing on Thursday that claim was busted but good.

The Senate Committee gave her multiple options to get her testimony – calling staffers, testifying publicly or privately or even flying out to California to interview her since she said she had a fear of flying.

Rachel Mitchell, the outside counsel who questioned Ford, brought up the issue of flying and Ford conceded that she flew to get to the hearing, that she’d flown to Maryland to do the polygraph in August and that she flew to several other places for work and on vacation over the years.

Ford even said that it was ‘easier’ to fly for vacation than it was to for work. So obviously, whatever she calls it, it’s not something that has impeded her ability to fly, as her lawyers and Democrats suggested.

So it appears she or her lawyers were just trying to help the Democrats out with an excuse.

Did her lawyer not tell her? Her lawyer cut her off and wouldn’t let her answer what her lawyer told her about Grassley’s offer to have the Committee fly people out to her.