60 People Who Went to School with Kavanaugh Set Record Straight: Newest Accuser Is Full of it, We’ve Never Heard of This Woman, Parties Never Existed

If you weren’t convinced that the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are false then you should be when you hear about what the third accuser is alleging. It’s almost not even worth repeating. It’s so clearly made up it’s remarkable that anyone would believe it. Although, she is represented by creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti so we can’t be too surprised.

Julie Swetnick is alleging that Kavanaugh and his friends routinely gang raped women at parties at least ten times and that she was raped at one of those parties.

From Fox News:

Attorney Michael Avenatti, on the eve of Brett Kavanaugh’s high-profile hearing to address sexual misconduct allegations, identified and released a “sworn declaration” from a woman who claims the Supreme Court nominee was involved in “gang” rapes in the early 1980s.

Avenatti’s client was identified as Julie Swetnick, who further claims in the statement that Kavanaugh and a friend were “present” when she became a “victim of one of these ‘gang’ or ‘train’ rapes” in 1982.

Obviously, some questions have been raised.

So, we are supposed to believe that Kavanaugh was part of this rape gang syndicate that was raping women at ten parties during his high school years and no one heard about it? She’s the only witness? No teachers, no parents, no one knew? Also, why in the world would you not report that? You just let him continue raping girls all over town and said nothing? It’s just laughably false.

Now, SIXTY PEOPLE who grew up with Kavanaugh in that area are refuting the gang rape claim.

If Swetnick was raped at one of these parties. That’s horrible. It’s also horrible to lump Kavanaugh into that when he had nothing to do with it.

So far, Avenatti is refusing calls to have her testify.

Are these people all lying?

This circus is just downright insane.