Dems Calling for FBI Investigation Into Kavanaugh Go Silent After Video of Biden Surfaces

Democrats have been lecturing us recently about how there must be an FBI investigation into the flimsy allegations against Brett Kavanaugh from 35 years ago. Common sense suggests that’s ludicrous. What’s the FBI going to look into? One person says Kavanaugh committed a non-federal crime while several others say they never saw it happen. The accuser doesn’t know the year. Doesn’t know the house. What is the FBI going to find?

If you don’t believe me that the FBI investigation would be meaningless why don’t you just listen to former Democrat Senator Joe Biden who said the exact same thing when he was rudely lecturing Clarence Thomas back in 1991.

This clip reminds us what a disaster Joe Biden was when it came to Supreme Court hearings.

Back then, FBI reports were a waste of time.

Today, Biden thinks we should have one with Kavanaugh.

From Fox News:

“I think they should do an FBI investigation. We did that for Anita Hill,” Biden explained Friday. “Most importantly, Anita Hill was vilified when she came forward by a lot of my colleagues, character assassination. I wish I could’ve done more to prevent those questions, the way they asked them.”

Well, that’s interesting. Things have changed apparently.

As you can imagine, Twitter was all over this one.

Another awkward moment for Joe.

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