BURNED: Chicago Officials Force Obama’s Presidential Library to HALT Production

If you were paying attention during the Obama years at all you probably remember that getting things done and solving problems weren’t exactly Obama’s forte. He was more of a guy who just give speeches and photo ops and TV show appearances hoping that his lofty rhetoric would be enough so he could skate by. Sadly, it was an act that tricked a lot of people.

It shouldn’t surprise conservatives to learn that, like his presidency, Obama’s presidential library project has been a dumpster fire.

In fact, it just hit another road block.

From The Daily Wire:

The Chicago Park District has put a halt to preparations being made for the Obama Presidential Library, until after a Federal court reviews a lawsuit filed by Chicago residents, and Federal agencies assess the transfer of historic public land to a private entity.

But in the meantime, permits and agreements filed by Chicago city officials, and with the Chicago Department of Transportation, reveal a sweetheart rent deal that any Chicago renter (or landlord) would certainly envy: the Obama Foundation will pay a mere $10 for a 99-year lease on what is supposed to be a public park.

The Chicago Park District had begun felling trees on land destined to become part of the Obama Library complex, but those preparations ground to a halt Monday after the Chicago Department of Transportation refused to grant a permit that would have allowed the Park District to move utility lines running through the site. CDOT delayed a decision on the matter until after the Federal lawsuit and Federal assessments have been resolved.

This is the latest in a series of several road blocks.

A federal judge ruled against the library a couple months back.

From Washington Examiner:

A federal judge will let groups suing the Obama Foundation over its plans for a presidential center on Chicago’s South Side begin demanding information from the city of Chicago to determine how the site was selected for the project instead of other private properties.

In a hearing late Tuesday, District Court Judge John Robert Blakey agreed to let the plaintiffs, led by Protect Our Parks, obtain information from the city of Chicago and Obama officials on how it selected the site. The Barack Obama Presidential Center is being proposed on federal land that was deemed by the government in 2012 to be inappropriate for construction.

Nice job guys.

Fitting isn’t it? The guy who caused so many nightmares and problems during his time in the White House just continues to create nightmares for the people in Chicago.