NFL’s Nightmare Becomes Reality As ‘Monday Night Football’ Posts Worst Week 2 Ratings EVER Recorded

This whole NFL national anthem mess never had to happen. If the NFL had taken a stand when Kaepernick started kneeling and explained how ridiculous it is to hijack the national anthem with political grandstanding on an issue we all agree on then we probably wouldn’t be in this mess today. But, the NFL was too afraid to stand up for what’s right so here we are.

The NFL is not going to fold. They are way too big to be derailed by a controversy like this but there’s no doubt they have lost fans which means they have lost money that they didn’t need to lose.

From Breitbart:

The ratings for Week Two’s Monday Night Football game between the Chicago Bears and the Seattle Seahawks, crashed to the lowest numbers ever recorded for a Week Two Monday night game.

That’s bad no matter how you slice it.

No one supports police brutality. We all understand that there are bad cops in the world and we all understand that our country isn’t perfect. That’s not a reason to disrespect all the people who have fought and died for this country and employers are not obligated to let you do and say whatever you want when you are at work just because of “free speech”. Try working for McDonald’s and pushing your politics on all the customers. See how long you last at that job.

Monday Night Football is Monday Night Football.

It’s really strange that some people even try to make the argument that kneeling hasn’t hurt the league.

Huckabee gets it.

Trump gets it.

When will the NFL get it?

It’s never a good idea to alienate any fans or any customers. It’s never good for a business to miss out on any dollars. The NBA prevents players from kneeling. They are still popular and the liberal left still loves the NBA. It’s not like the NFL had to be soft in order for liberals to like them. They made this move because they didn’t care enough to take a firm stance on the national anthem and it’s not going to be good for them long term.