She’s Finished: Lena Dunham Now Confesses to Helping Cover Up Teen’s Rape Accusation Because She Was Friends with the Perpetrator

Lena Dunham has established herself as a pretty untrustworthy person over the last few years. She’s also kind of a creep. We found out last year that she used to do some really sexually appropriate things with her sister. Now, she’s in trouble again for doing something inappropriate and the #MeToo movement isn’t going to like it.

From Fox News:

Lena Dunham, creator of the HBO series “Girls,” is apologizing to a woman who accused a writer on her show of rape.

Dunham, 32, published an essay Wednesday in The Hollywood Reporter addressed to “Passengers” actress Aurora Perrineau. In it, she apologizes for defending writer Murray Miller, saying she did “something inexcusable.”

Perrineau filed a police report alleging Miller sexually assaulted her after a night out in Los Angeles in 2012, The Wrap reported.

Dunham came under fire for defending Miller after the claim became public. She and “Girls” co-showrunner Jenni Konner issued a joint statement to The Hollywood Reporter that they were confident the “accusation is one of the 3 percent of assault cases that are misreported every year.”

Dunham is now taking back her defense.

Here’s more.

From Chicago Tribune:

A year ago, Dunham lied in order to discredit a woman who had just gone to the police to report a sexual assault.

On Wednesday, she penned a rambling, pretentious opus about women in Hollywood (“Heroines have emerged. We are cracking open windows and beating down doors. The air is circulating and the light is pouring in,”) and sneaked a whiny, halfhearted mea culpa into the ninth paragraph.

We’re so used to Dunham apologizing at this point (Lena Dunham Apologizes is an actual Twitter handle) that we went ahead and lumped this garbage onto her giant apology pile.

But before we toss them aside, her words are worth examining, if only as a reminder that when we screw up, which all of us do, we should apologize directly, authentically and humbly.

Dunham did nothing of the sort.

What a gal.