Here’s the Joke about D.C. Politicians That Left Every Living President Dying Laughing

George H.W. Bush’s funeral in Washington D.C. yesterday was quite a ceremony. It was just incredibly well done and it really painted the picture of what an incredible life the former president lived.

One of the eulogies that stood out was from former senator Alan K. Simpson. He told a joke that had the whole room laughing.

Check it out…

From The Daily Caller:

Simpson spoke candidly and humorously about his relationship with President Bush, often bringing the room to laughs.

During one particularly funny moment, Simpson dinged Bush for his raising of taxes – which contributed to his loss in 1992. The room was a tough crowd, however — particularly the front row, where five presidents sat.

But Simpson’s wit had even this row all laughing with a joke about the nature of D.C. culture. Simpson was talking about the humility of George H.W. Bush and took the opportunity to criticize D.C. culture.

“He was a man of such great humility,” Simpson said of Bush. “Those who travel the high road of humility in Washington, D.C., are not bothered by heavy traffic.”

The audience roared. And for the first time at the event, all of the five presidents – and the spouses – could be seen laughing together.

Nailed it.