‘The View’ Hosts Make Fun of Melania’s Accent — Her Spokeswoman CRUSHES Them

It is clear to rational observers that the ladies over at ‘The View’ don’t really follow politics. You can tell when you listen to them that they have a very weak grasp on what’s going on in the country and they likely only know what they see on MSNBC or Facebook headlines. Just not a bright bunch.

Not only that, many of the ladies are very mean and vindictive people. They have no problem saying horrible things about conservatives as long as they get a cheap laugh.

For example, you would think that Joy, Whoopi, and liberals in general would love Melania Trump. She’s an immigrant, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s a successful woman, there are a million reasons to like her. But, the left doesn’t actually care about women being successful or immigrants coming here to live the American dream. They only care if those people believe the same thing they do. Melania is married to a Repubican that they hate so everything else is irrelevant. In fact, it’s totally cool in their minds to mock Melania for being an immigrant.

Check out what the panel had to say about Melania this week.

Mocking Melania’s accent. Real classy. You think conservatives would be allowed to do that? Of course not.

Melania’s press secretary wasn’t impressed.

From Western Journal:

The first lady’s press secretary, Stephanie Grisham, fired back at “The View” in a tweet responding to an article published by Raw Story.

Raw Story, a left-leaning news outlet, described the segment with the headline: “The View destroys Melania for attacking anonymous NYT op-ed — after helping Trump push birther lies.”

Grisham responded to Raw Story in her tweet by pointing out how the panel on “The View” was “disrespectful” and “hypocritical” for mocking anyone’s accent.

A pretty remarkable double standard.

It’s totally fine to mock immigrants for how they talk as long as conservatives end up looking bad.

The left loves to call the right racist but the real racism resides with the Democratic Party. They love affirmative action, they don’t think minorities are capable of getting IDs, they make illegal immigration about race when it has nothing to do with race, they idolize race baiters, they get uncomfortable at the sight of too many white people, etc. The list of examples goes on and on and on.

The American people love Melania. It drives liberals nuts. That’s why you see them do things like this.