Talk About Humiliating: Kamala Harris Grills Kavanaugh for 7 Minutes on Mueller – Only to Discover He Worked with Him

Kamala Harris is a hero on the left but it’s a little hard to figure out why. Sure, she recites all the right talking points and wants to impeach Trump but she hasn’t really accomplished anything. She’s also one of the front runners to win the nomination in 2020 despite the fact that she’s an ultra-liberal coastal elite that would likely have a hard time walking into Youngstown, Ohio and putting together a message stronger than Trump’s.

During the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, Harris has been one of the most unhinged senators in the room and that’s saying something.

The liberal left today is obsessed with the Mueller investigation and that was clearly all Kamala Harris was interested in talking about when it was her turn to grill Kavanaugh.

It didn’t go well for her…

From Gateway Pundit:

On Thursday Harris grilled Judge Brett Kavanaugh for 7 minutes on Robert Mueller and the law firm Kasowitz Benson Torres law firm. Kamla Harris wanted to know if Judge Kavanaugh ever spoke with someone at Kasowitz Benson Torres law firm or anyone at the firm about the Mueller special counsel.

After being asked about Bob Mueller Kavanaugh replied, “You ask if I ever had a discussion about Bob Mueller, I used to work in the administration with Bob Mueller.”


Harris was a disaster. Her line of questioning in regards to Mueller was laughably partisan.

Here’s the full exchange.

Kamala has really been having a hard time lately.

Check out this tweet from the other day.

That’s what desperation looks like folks.