Omorasa Snaps: Abruptly Ends Interview When Host Calls Her Out for Lying, Tells Her She Is a ‘Rat’

Have you noticed how no one is talking about Omarosa anymore? For about a week, she was the talk of the town in Washington after she came out with a book that basically accused the president of being the worst person ever.

She ran into a couple problems.

For starters, her claim that Trump used the “n word” back during ‘The Apprentice’ days doesn’t really jive with the fact that she accepted a job in his White House years later.

Secondly, the majority of the claims in her book were immediately debunked.

On top of all that, sales for her book were lackluster to say the least.

Now, Omarosa is running around getting attention wherever she can get it. She recently popped up on a radio show hosted by Bernard McGuirk who you probably know from Fox News and things got so tense she ended up running away.

From Mediaite:

Manigault-Newman locked horns with McGuirk as she defended her book and said the contents go beyond her personal disagreements with the president. Eventually, McGuirk told her “you come off as a backstabbing weasel, you really do” and it devolved from there.

Omarosa told McGuirk ‘you come off as a hater,” and McGuirk nuh-uh’d “you’re a hater and a rat”. After a few more insults, Omarosa loudly hung up.

That’s the best Omarosa could do? Hater? What is this high school?

You can check out the full interview here.

You almost feel bad for Omarosa don’t you? She’s built a career off of lying and grandstanding. It’s hard to tell if she even knows where the truth begins and ends. She seems to believe her own lies.

One thing is for sure, the American people are getting pretty tired of her.