Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad Was Just ‘Fixed’ — And It’s All Thanks to Trump Jr.

It’s really hard to believe that so many people out there are buying this Kaepernick nonsense with Nike. There are people out there who really believe that Kaepernick sacrificed everything for a cause. He sacrificed nothing. In fact, he has made money off the whole kneeling thing. Nike is manipulating their customers. Plain and simple.

Donald Trump Jr. seems to understand what’s going on. He knows what it’s like to sacrifice everything for something you believe in. He watched his Dad do it in 2016. Donald Trump had an amazing life before he ran for president. Both sides of the aisle loved him. He was making a ton of money living in a New York City penthouse. Life was good.

Trump gave that up. Since running for president, he has taken a pay cut, his hotels have suffered, the media tries to humiliate him every day, his friends are being railroaded by an out of control and illegal special counsel, etc. Trump believed in what he was doing so much that it was all worth it.

So, Trump Jr. fixed Nike’s cute little meme.

He posted the following picture on Instagram.

It was posted with the caption “There, fixed it for you. #MAGA”

Gotta love it.

He’s absolutely right. Trump sacrificed a lot to run for president. Kaepernick was on his way out of the league when he started inserting his own personal politics into the national anthem.

There have been some other solid responses to the lame Nike meme.

Also, this…

This is a mess for Nike and it was totally unnecessary.


  1. Mueller, liberals, Islam & Media are attacking our chosen POTUS because he is our chosen POTUS. President Trump will go down in history as the best & most honest President ever in the USA!
    These attacks are designed to destroy our Constitution & to punish the citizens for not voting for the DNC choice. No matter whom we had voted for other than Killary Clinton this would have happened! It has nothing to do with Donald Trump who these same people who attack him now were trying to get invitations to his parties, gave him awards for being a humanitarian, and gave him awards for his hiring of minorities.
    Opra told him he would make a wonderful president, several journalist from several stations asked him to run for president.
    The DNC wanted his & got his donations. But when they found out he was a true Patriot & believed in the Constitution…when they found out they couldn’t control him, they couldn’t buy him & that he would not back their agenda of turning our country into a Globalist controlled country they decided they didn’t love him after all.
    But their attacks right now would have happened regardless of who we put in office from the GOP or any other people running besides Killary Clinton!
    WE THE PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO CHOSE OUR OWN LEADERS ARE WHAT THEY ARE ANGRY ABOUT…IT IS WE THE PEOPLE THEY HATE! It is our right to vote our choice they want to take away!

  2. Not only have they tried to dupe their customers, they duped Kaepernick too. They have tried to hijack his “cause” and make it their own. Of course Kaepernick isn’t intelligent enough to see that, but who cares, as long as he makes money, right? I never understood the fascination with Nike in the first place. Subpar shoes made in foreign sweatshops, but they do have a catchy slogan and I guess that’s what matters.