Omarosa Exposed: Turns Out She Was Actually Working For HILLARY

President Donald Trump went out of his way to offer Omarosa Manigault Newman a position in the White House, a position that anyone would have been grateful for. But as we all know that kindness was returned with a lot of spite and hate after she was fired for “integrity issues” by the Chief of Staff John Kelly. Some may know that Omarosa used to work for the Clinton White House back when she was much younger. Turns out, though, there was a much more troubling recent connection to the Clintons.

How deep do Omarosa’s Republican roots go?

Not very.

As we have previously noted, she worked for the Clinton White House when she was younger (and got fired there as well, according to reports.)

And she was a Democrat in 2015, when she declared herself a “die-hard Hillary supporter” in a Washington Post story on July 8, 2015.

But she wasn’t just a supporter in 2015.

From Variety:

Omarosa also said she had worked with the “Ready for Hillary” organization because she felt Clinton would have made an “exceptional” president. However, some bad blood between Omarosa and the organization’s management had her calling the group “a little bit of a scam” and ultimately caused her to switch sides.

“When it was time to roll it over into the ‘Hillary for America’ campaign, they just completely discarded all of the people who had done work,” she said, noting that the action “soured” a lot of people in addition to herself. “It wasn’t hard when [Trump] called me and said ‘Can you be on board?’ because I had just been used and abused by the ‘Ready for Hillary’ organization. I could go down the list of people who were abused and misused by that organization and decided to go a different direction as a result of it.”

Although she had difficulty with some of the staff, she had nothing but praise for Hillary Clinton as she told her “Celebrity Big Brother” housemate.

The former White House staffer, and current Head of Household on the CBS reality show, told fellow houseguest Ross Mathews that she thought Clinton as a presidential candidate was “strong” and “sharp” and “smart.”

This puts a new light on her recording of people in the White House.

Was she truly there to be helpful to Trump because she was his friend?

Was it always just about promoting herself?

Or was it about getting dirt on people?

UPDATE (August 22, 2018 1:36pm EST):

Clarification: We’re not claiming that we have evidence that Omarosa was working for Hillary during her work for Trump. We are noting how soon in time that she worked for Hillary before she worked for Trump.