Hillary Clinton Is Called ‘Racist’ After Replying to LeBron James

President Donald Trump got in a dust-up with LeBron James after responding to James long-term criticism of him. Now, Hillary Clinton has jumped into the mix to take any side against Trump and is being called racist for it.

Clinton tweeted that the Cleveland Cavaliers star was a “class act.”

[email protected] is a great family man, incredible ballplayer, gives back to his community, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He’s a world class athlete and a class act. We need more like him in this world.”

He’s done some great things for the community including collaborating at a school for at-risk kids, that’s certainly true.

He’s also been trash talking the president, calling him a “bum.”

But Candace Owens wasn’t impressed with Clinton’s jumping in. to virtue-signal and just took her apart in a tweet.

From Biz Pac Review:

Clinton’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, jump-started the mass incarceration of black men. Clinton loves Planned Parenthood, whose founder was an unabashed racist who loathes blacks. And after the passing of Democrat Sen. Robert Byrd, a former Klansman, both Clinton and her husband waxed poetic about how fantastic he was.

Do these facts necessarily make Clinton a racist? Probably not. But Owens chose to call her racist anyway because she decided to use Clinton’s own rhetoric against her. The failed Democrat presidential nominee is the same woman who’s maligned millions of Trump supporters as racists and “deplorables” just because they didn’t vote for her.

Owens wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Outspoken conservative actor James Woods loved it, even suggesting she should run for office.

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