Ocasio-Cortez’s Secret Relationship with George Soros Is Made Public

It was a made for TV story.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old unknown from the Bronx, defeats the long-term Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley in the 14th Congressional District in New York. Crowley, who some had touted as a possible successor to Rep. Nancy Pelosi for House Minority Leader was the fourth-ranked Democrat in the House.

But it was just a story because Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t exactly an unconnected unknown.

It turns out she had some powerful backing including from the George Soros’ Media Consortium.

Ocasio-Cortez was a Bernie Sanders organizer.

And as Rich Weinstein in a great Twitter thread points out, this is what her website looks like now:

But this is what it looked like last year according to the Wayback archive.

What is a Brand New Congress?

Their goal was to have 400 candidates to run for Congress by last year and each of those 400 is supposed to commit to a similar far left platform including immigration reform and the abolishment of ICE.

They seem to have far fewer than that, with only 29 including Ocasio-Cortez listed on their website. The other candidates you see Ocasio-Cortez campaigning for now like Cori Bush and Brent Welder are also part of this group to push into office.

In March 2017, BNC joined with Justice Democrats to help push their goals.

Justice Democrats were founded in part by Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks and former Bernie people. And they are promoting not just Congressional candidates but gubernatorial candidates like Cynthia Nixon in New York.

And as Ocasio-Cortez notes in this interview after with Uygur at the ten-minute mark that BNC and the Justice Democrats were instrumental in soliciting her and then promoting her “after she left Standing Rock” which means she was among the far left pipeline protesters.

Uygur doesn’t, however, explain in the interview about his connection to the effort.

And Uygur’s Young Turks is part of the Soros Media Consortium that provided wattage for the Ocasio-Cortez campaign. According to the MRC, this provides favorable coverage to 300 million people across the globe in a month.

However, as Weinstein points out, Uygur was forced out of his own organization after he got nailed for old sexist posts referring to women in derogatory ways including as “whores.” He’s also an Armenian genocide denier, according to the Daily Caller.

Sounds so progressive. So how does Ocasio-Cortez feel about being backed by someone with these issues? Apparently not bad enough to reject the aid.

So no, she didn’t just “come out of nowhere” and they are lining up other folks in the box with the specific idea of taking over.


  1. Yet again another article full of inaccuracies and poorly researched. One of the main tenets of the Justice Democrats is that they do not take Corporate PAC money. Soross’ money would be included in that! They insist on using small amount donors therefore not being beholden to outside interests. It is a grass roots movement. This is how Sanders ran his Campaign. As for being at Standing Rock. Is she not allowed to protest? The Boston Tea Party is one of the first defining moments in American history. Should they have just allowed the trade to continue? Crank Uygur’s The Young Turks (TYT) also does not take corporate money nor are they part of any media conglomerate. They have won numerous awards for being an Independent station. This article is written purely to stoke the fears of the Right Wing and is extremely poorly written and researched.

    • Also, I find it incredibly bizarre that they’re making a huge fuss out of the fact that she upgraded her website. Like “Wow, she discovered Squarespace! Soros must have showed her how to use it!” The preoccupations of some people…

    • What rock have you been under? Democrats have taken Soros money!! they are beholden to any one with interest!! the above article you claim is poorly researched, no it is you who NEED to do some research!!! cortez is soros new friend!!

    • Soros doesn’t just give money. He offers his very professional PR team, logistical support, strategy, exposure to the right connections, and the list goes on. By the way, you DO know one way Soros “owns” politicians is to hand-pick them when they are young, send them overseas to study, pay for tuition, etc., then “make” their political careers, often creating “miracle” candidates that come from nowhere to win against the odds? Hmmm.

  2. the socialist Marxist communist have banned together after the fundamental transformation obama started , they have no new ideas just the same ol justice warriors pushing the social justice agenda of socialism and identity politics ..kick these commies to the curb that are trash ..socialism has never worked anywhere

  3. It’s not just Soros but most of the filthy rich are all big commies why? Hint Hugo Chavez died a billionaire his daughter has a 3 billion dollar eat worth . Communism is in their interests. It creates a static social structure where the filthy rich stay rich forever the middle class disappear & everybody else is in desperate poverty. Hillary carried all 10 of the country’s richest counties often by bigger majorities than black areas. If the left wants to tax the rich into the poor house I say let them. The rich are not the friends of liberty & never have been & I don’t see why we should continually fall on our swords for these people. The rich always have been & always will be the handmaidens of state power that’s how they got rich that’s how they stay rich.

  4. Just because TYT is rooting for her, doesn’t mean she’s backed by Soros.
    Why would a wealthy manipulative guy like Soros, who uses his money to influence politics, want to support a candidate with one of their main goals being to get money out of politics?!

  5. She is not from The Bronx. She is from Yorktown Heights in Westchester County. And the people of The Bronx didn’t put her in Congress. You have White Millennial hipsters in Queens who want their college loans paid off to thank for that.