Dems Declare War On Michelle Obama After Finding ‘Red Flag’ In Her New Voter Registration Initiative

Former First Lady Michelle Obama managed to somehow both anger liberals and earn the mockery of those on the right with her new endeavor.

Obama is launching a voter registration campaign which she labels as “strictly nonpartisan” to encourage people to vote in the November midterm elections.

The $8 million dollar campaign, named “When We All Vote” launched Wednesday and will include Obama and other celebrities in public service announcements and other events across the country.

From Biz Pac Review:

Among the celebrities on the “When We All Vote” roster are actor Tom Hanks, country stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda (an avowed Trump-hater), NBA star Chris Paul, and singer Janelle Monae.

The campaign’s board of directors is stacked with longtime cronies of former president Barack Obama. Among them is Valerie Jarrett, whose daughter Laura Jarrett works at CNN and covered the Obama DOJ during the time her mom was a senior adviser to Obama.

CNN hired Laura Jarrett in September 2016 (two months before the 2016 presidential election) to cover the Obama Justice Department, even though she had no experience in journalism.

Because pushing out Hollywood celebrities worked to get Hillary elected, right? Not.

Democrats are upset that Obama is taking a non-partisan approach at a time when many want everyone to be highly partisan.

Conservatives aren’t buying that it’s non-partisan for a second.

But now that the Obamas have inked a producing deal with Netflix, they may want to pitch the fiction of being ‘non-partisan’ because the company has already faced a lot of negative reaction and canceled subscriptions because of their $50 million dollar deal with the Obamas.

Here’s a flashback to one of Obama’s prior ‘hair-raising​’ PSAs on Jeopardy where people ended up not less about healthy eating and more about her almost blad look.

But here’s her more current look at a Beyonce concert, where she seems to be trying to channel the singer and was wearing extremely short shorts.


  1. She has been living her best life ever since she and Barrack bought their way into the White House. The problem is, she did it by using our tax money. She wasn’t the only one living the good life. She shared that good life with 40 members of her family and friends by taking them on very expensive trips, again, by using hard working Americans taxes. That is very wrong. She had the attitude like we owed it to her. She was wrong. We didn’t owe her or her family and friends a cent. She did absolutely nothing for this country or it’s citizens the entire time Obama was in office. She did cause some hate and discontent when she started screwing up school lunches. That wasn’t a good thing though. The kids wouldn’t eat it.