MSNBC Hits Streets To Prove Voters Are Furious at Trump After Putin Summit — Watch What Happens Instead

A ‘reporter’ for MSNBC left the bubble of Washington D.C. to prove that America hates President Donald Trump, but what she found when she got out into the country was surely not what MSBC hoped to find.

NBC correspondent Morgan Radford waded into Wisconsin and other red states in the hopes of finding voters who were upset at Trump after his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki. But the hate just didn’t exist.

Indeed, one Republican voter even chastised those Republicans who criticized Trump after the Helsinki meeting, Daily Caller noted:

“Well, he did get some Republican backlash, and I think they just didn’t hear the whole story before they started coming after him. So he was trying to appease them a little bit,” John Poole, a Trump supporter said.

“I’m totally in support of him. He’s an entrepreneur; he’s a business man, working class person’s president. He’s trying to make this country great again,” another supporter stated.

Someone else added, “I’m not one bit worried about the rest of the world. They ain’t worried about us.”

This isn’t the first media person to leave the liberal bubble and find that real Americans are not really that upset over Trump.

An Australian writer decided to wing his way to the U.S. to see just how much everyday Americans hate Donald Trump, but he found just the opposite when he got here.

“Exhausted by media obsession over Donald Trump’s divisive presidency, Russian collusion, threat to liberty and destruction of democracy, I recently went to the one place on earth where I could easily avoid hearing anything at all about Donald Trump,” The Daily Telegraph’s Tim Blair wrote on July 6. “I went to the United States.”

So, did he find regular Americans losing their minds over Trump?

Not so much…

Anyone who has not visited the US since Trump’s hilarious 2016 victory over Hillary Clinton might be surprised by the utter absence there of Trump in daily life. Everyday Americans are mostly just getting on with things, as normal, non-obsessive people tend to do. The apparent civil war we keep hearing about just isn’t happening.

As it happens, all of those states voted for Trump. But their larger cities tended to side with Clinton, so a certain balance was available. If people from either side of the alleged Trump divide wished to speak out, I was there to hear them.

Except that nobody wanted to talk about Trump, Clinton or politics in general. This wasn’t due to apathy or lack of engagement. It was because there are more interesting topics of conversation, such as, well, just about everything. Work. Family. Sport. Music. Weather. Cars. Food. The semi-trailer carrying a few tons of bourbon that crashed and caught fire on the interstate. You know, topics people care about outside of election years.

Indeed, Blair found continued support for Trump. He still saw pro-Trump bumper stickers and T-shirts with plenty of people still ready to support the president.

In fact, Blair ultimately decided that all the loud, left-wing attacks on Trump have made Trump support even stronger.

“Forget Russian collusion. All Trump needs to secure re-election in 2020 is more baby balloons and British baby babble in Trafalgar Square. If investigators look into the $60,000 raised to fund that balloon, they might even find a few donations from Donald Trump himself,” Blair concluded.

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