CNN Host Blows Up When Asked If He Holds Obama Accountable For Failure to Respond to Russians

CNN host Michael Smerconish had a complete meltdown when he was asked if he would hold former president Barack Obama responsible for failing to do anything and respond to Russia when the alleged hacking/meddling during the campaign took place.

Smerconish went on a rant calling what had happened “a terror strike.”

From Daily Caller:

“Here’s what I’m looking for, instead of this going on between liberals and conservatives, Republican and Democrats, what happened to when we were united against a common enemy?” Smerconish asked rhetorically. “This was terrorism. We were the victims of a terror strike and will the commander-in-chief on Monday hold accountable the presumed perpetrator of that terror strike?”

“Stop all the liberal, conservative red state, blue state stuff. Our partisan differences used to end at the water’s edge,” he continued.

Tell that to John Kerry, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton all of whom attacked Trump while overseas, cutting down U.S. policy and position because they didn’t like it.

Here’s the thing.

Barack Obama knew what happened with regard to the Russians very early on and he did not respond. Not only did he do nothing, he stopped other people from responding more.

We would never have heard anything more about this had Hillary Clinton won, just as we don’t hear anything further about much more serious hacks by China, North Korea or other Russia attacks.

Russians have been involved in trying to influence the American political landscape for decades. And for decades, the left walked right in lockstep with them.

We’re only hearing about it now because the Democrats think it somehow invalidates Trump.

Yes, Russian hacks should it be condemned, pursued and prosecuted.

But let’s be clear about the real reason Democrats are focused on it.

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If Obama raised the issues then people would have claimed he was just being paranoid and trying to help Hillary. Facts had to come out completely first.

Connie Grenfell
Connie Grenfell

We haven’t been “united” for a long time, and a big part of that is CNN and other MSM.