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That’s the Best They Can Do? Judge Kavanaugh’s Big ‘Skeleton’ Is That He Called Hillary a ‘B**ch’ at a Private Party

Folks on the left are desperate to find a way to attack President Donald Trump’s new SCOTUS nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

You have to check what they’re trying to pull out now.

You can tell they must not have much if they have to go this far back and to such a discredited source for such a ridiculous claim.

From Biz Pac Review:

Kavanaugh worked with Kenneth Starr when he was appointed to investigate former president Bill Clinton as independent counsel and eventually uncovered the infamous Monica Lewinsky scandal.

According to an excerpt from the book “Blinded by the Right,” Kavanaugh mouthed the word “bitch” at the sight of Hillary Clinton while watching Bill Clinton’s 1997 State of the Union at Laura Ingraham’s home.

The excerpt was tweeted by the Washington Post’s Robert Costa:

The book “Blinded by the Right” was written by David Brock, a Clinton operative, and a completely impeachable source.

Virtually nothing he says is credible and he’s been a Democratic operative for years.

So there’s no way to verify it as true and the source is ridiculous.

But just the fact that he had worked with Ken Starr on the Clinton investigation was enough to make some wonder how Hillary Clinton was reacting to the choice.

And this:

Thank God.

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Well at least he was telling the truth unlike Hillary

Mark Sorensen
Mark Sorensen

I don’t follow. I believe if you look up the word bitch in any dictionary published after 1995 you will find Hillary’s picture next to the definition. We all know what she is. It would be the same if he mouthed the word whale while watching Free willy.


I’ve called her MUCH worse!!!!


So let me get this straight-they are mad at him for telling the truth?