SO IT BEGINS: Dem Lawmaker Says He’s With GOP Until ‘Sanity and Honesty’ Restored to Dem Party

WATCH: Dov Hikind Protests Chuck Schumer

A lot of Democrats have been rethinking their allegiance to their party.

With far-left comments and actions seemingly being embraced by many in the party, and the encouragement of harassing political opponents, even longtime Democrats are heading for the door.

There is even a dedicated hashtag and video series of people who’ve left, called #WalkAway.

But now even a veteran New York Democratic lawmaker is speaking out against the radical and negative movement of the Democratic party. And not only is he rejecting the Democratic party, he’s going to support the GOP until Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) can “restore sanity and honesty” to the party.

From Fox News Insider:

State Assemblyman Dov Hikind of Brooklyn slammed Schumer’s attacks on President Trump, which were sent as part of a fundraising call.

Hikind, who is not running for re-election, wrote on Facebook that Schumer, who is also from Brooklyn, “omitted vital information” about the economy, potential peace with North Korea and low unemployment.

“Senator Schumer, in your letter you promise to fight for Democratic values and go on at great length to fully villainize the current administration,” Hikind wrote.

“You forgot to tell us about the economy. As good as it’s been, economists expect even more growth through the end of the year.”

He’s not just upset that Schumer isn’t being honest about the facts.

Hikind said the Democratic Party is “betraying the ideals that our party once stood for — American values.”

“As a fellow Democrat, I ask you to work to restore sanity and honesty to our party,” Hikind wrote in response. “Until then, I’m afraid the Republicans have my support.”

Hikind has not been happy at all with the embrace of the new young socialist who defeated longtime Rep. Joe Crowley in a New York primary race. His Facebook response was “G-d help us!”

DNC Chair Tom Perez had called socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “the future” of the Democratic party.

Hikind is a smart guy. He sees that this is not a good political move by the Democrats. But he also is one who honestly believes this approach is fundamentally wrong.

And to his credit, he’s trying to use whatever power he has left to push them back to sanity. Or if not, he’s out.

And in New York, that’s an incredibly brave stand.


  1. This is just the beginning. After the much touted Blue Wave fails to materialize in November, the Red Wave will steamroll into the 2020 elections. The democrats are digging their own burial hole with all of their rhetoric, vile language, hateful language, violent agitation, and constant lying, which the American public sees for what it really is. Desperation.