Amazon Sold (And Pulled) ‘Daddy’s Little Sl**’ T-Shirts For Kids

Erin Evans

This week, Amazon removed a t-shirt sold by a third party vendor after backlash that the t-shirt was promoting pedophilia.

Here’s the t-shirt:

The t-shirt had been on sale since June from a retailer called Onlybabycare.

According to Fox News:

The product description for the T-shirt claimed it was “suitable” for various occasions, such as “playing outside, birthday party, baby shower, baptism, wedding, baby photography, daily wear, family day.”  It was also listed as unisex and suitable for “little girls or boys.”

Thanks to angry Twitter users, the t-shirt is no longer available.  I’m not usually a fan of cancel culture, but for once I agree with angry Twitter.  This is just gross.

Can you imagine seeing a child at a park or wedding wearing this shirt? One has to wonder who is buying it, and who is letting their young child wear it.

If you buy this shirt for your own child, you should probably be investigated by child services.  If someone buys this shirt for your child, you should immediately throw it away and never let that person near your child again.

Who ever thought this was appropriate attire for children (or anyone, really)?