MSNBC Reporter Interviews Alabama Students And Things Got Awkwardly “Savage”


University of Alabama student Parker Savage snuck in a surprise “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” comment when Kendis Gibson asked a group of Trump supporters live on MSNBC about their opinions on President Donald Trump’s policies.

The above clip from the Daily Caller highlights the clueless Kendis Gibson as she ignored Parker Savage at her peril and went on to ask the group about the Alabama senate race. This gal really knows how to engage college students with questions when tailgating at a football game. It’s the perfect place to talk about politics because Trump and Parker Savage taught her that lesson.

Gibson, if she’d have been on her MSNBC-Maddow game, would have immediately cut to the tailgating and protesting liberal loons who took a knife to the baby Trump balloon. She, however, was caught off guard by Savage and continued the live group interview. Gibson never put the attention back on Parker Savage, but he got his mic drop. He kept staring at her as he took off his Trump sticker and dropped it, all while she continued to ignore him. His smile at the end of the interview is priceless.

Clueless liberals on Twitter are coping with this, saying that Parker Savage was trolling Trump, but the jokes on them, and MSNBC.

#ParkerSavage #EpsteinDidntKillHimself

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