Democrat Rep’s Abortion Joke Is So Gross Even Bill Maher Is Left Speechless

Ashley (Kimber)

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The usually staunchly far-left Bill Maher explained why he’s a little wishy-washy on the abortion issue. “Squishy,” he called it.

He could have easily been aborted himself. In fact, doctors urged his mother to terminate her pregnancy with him.

She chose life.

While speaking about this on his show last Friday, a Democrat Representative made a joke so vile even he was left momentarily speechless.

The weirdest part? She’s so proud of herself, she posted it on her own Twitter:

“Look, your mom made her choice. And we’re all here with the consequences of that choice.”

As in… your mom should have killed you when you had the chance. Nevermind the fact that she put her life on the line to give you yours.

These people think their abortion jokes are funny, don’t they?

Of course, the rabid pro-abortion crowd is EATING IT UP:

“Keep giving it to them” aka keep mocking a man for understanding unborn life may have value.

Yeah. What a hero.

People are gross.