IRS Gives The Satanic Temple Tax-Exempt Status

Hannah Bleau

Just lovely. //sarc

Well guys, the Satanic Temple is “pleased” to announce that the IRS has given it tax-exempt status. Yeah– it’s been identified as a “church.” (It’s just as much of a “church” as the Church of Scientology IMHO.)

The “non-theistic” Salem-Mass.-based Satanic organization said it was “pleased” Thursday to receive the tax-exempt status after years of advocating for churches to lose theirs. The temple was founded to react to and restrict Christianity in public life and claims it does not worship the devil, as depicted in the Bible, but advocates for the separation of church and state.

Last time I checked, paying tribute to Baphomet is kinda sorta Satanic. Just because you’re not singing songs to Satan himself doesn’t mean you’re not engaging in Satanic behavior. Humanism is– in a lot of ways– satanic.

“Satanism is here to stay,” Lucien Greaves, the spokesman for the Satanic Temple, said in a statement, adding the status should “lay to rest any suspicion that we don’t meet the qualifications of a true religious organization.”

Greaves says the Satanic Temple is now the only federally recognized international religious satanic organization.

The lRS code classifies it as a “church or a convention or association of churches,” and under the “cause area” on the website, it is listed as “Christian.” The group says the designation will help in religious discrimination legal cases.

This world is so messed up.

In related news:

It’s so cute watching the freaking CHURCH OF SATAN pretend to have a shred of moral integrity.

h/t Fox News