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Amy Jo Clark (‘Daisy’, Co-Founder)
Before becoming a Chick on the Right, Daisy was a Medical Writer and Communications Consultant in the private sector for over 20 years, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Communications. She grew up in the South and considers Dolly Parton, Julia Sugarbaker, and Joan Rivers her spirit animal trifecta. Daisy attended University of Tennessee for undergrad school, and ever since then, she’s bled orange. Because of that, Fall is her favorite season, and anyone who plays the Vols can bow down.

Currently, she resides primarily in Indiana with her husband, young daughter (the original “Chicklet”), four dogs, and flock of chickens when not visiting her part-time residence in Texas, where she one day hopes to retire with a herd of Longhorn cattle. She’s also a proud stepmama to two wonderful stepchildren.

When Daisy’s not co-running the Chick empire or doing an impression of Bernie Sanders on the radio at WIBC, she’s most likely mommin’, enjoying her family and friends, adopting another animal, reading something about health or nutrition, exercising her second amendment rights with her husband in their backyard range, indoor or outdoor cycling, junkin’, upcycling vintage furniture, making jewelry, or listening to the Foos, Zeppelin, or trap music (yep, you read that right). She used to believe that Chuck E Cheese was the portal to Hell, but is now certain that it’s most definitely Twitter, and she’s currently seeking out a 12-step program for her boot and throw pillow addictions.

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Miriam Weaver (‘Mockarena’, Co-Founder)
Mockarena (or “Mock” for short) used to work in Human Resources prior to becoming a full time Chick on the Right, focusing on recruiting and hiring, and avoiding the tasks of firing and employee relations as much as possible without getting fired herself. She’s the product of Polish immigrants, who came to the United States in 1969 legally, and taught her what it means to melt into the great American pot. Mock is a University of Kansas grad, but is a fan of Georgia football thanks to her husband being an alum (and the fact that their colors make for better fashion choices.)

Mock is the proud mom of two (preemie!) boys, the eldest of which has severe cerebral palsy and the ability to melt even the coldest heart with his smile. Her youngest son is setting her up to be the worst mother-in-law ever, because no girl will ever be good enough for him, what with his total brilliance and killer good looks and incredibly charming personality and whatnot.

Mock is infatuated beyond description with pop star Robbie Williams, but her heart belongs completely to her husband, who she insists is so good at understanding women he should teach a master class. She lives with her family in Indiana, and when she’s not cuddling her two dogs, she enjoys Zumba, poring over house plans and interior design pics to get ideas for her future home in Low Country, and dreaming of a world devoid of progressive feminists who wear pussy hats.

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