5 Biological Males Who Have Dominated Awards Reserved for Females

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Over the past year, the Left’s ever-increasing war on women wages on. Anyone who dares to speak out is labeled “transphobic.”

Most notably, there were five biological males who have transitioned and dominated honors reserved exclusively for females.

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This includes the Golden Globe’s “Best Actress,” Miss Nevada, Jeopardy!’s “Winningest Female Ever,” USA Today’s “Woman of the Year,” and New Zealand’s “Sportswoman of the Year.”

At the 79th annual Golden Globes Award, Michaela Jaé ‘Mj’ Rodriguez won “Best Actress in a television drama.” Rodriguez was born a male and now identifies as a woman.

Rodriguez won the award for playing the character Blanca, a nurse on the LGBT dramatic series, ‘Pose.’ NBC News reported that this was the first time a transgender actor has ever won a Golden Globe.”

🚨 POLL: Should biological males receive female awards?
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New Zealand’s “Sportswoman of the Year” honor was won by weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, despite being biologically male.” Hubbard was the first male-to-female transgender individual to compete in a women’s Olympic event.

Kataluna Enriquez was crowned Miss Nevada USA in June. Enriquez was born male and indentifies as female. This was first time a transgender individual won that beauty pageant.

On the game show Jeopardy!, Amy Schneider became highest-earning contestant who identifies as female ever after winning for the 18th consecutive time. This defeated the former record-setter, Larissa Kelly. Schneider has now won $706,800 on the game show.

Recently, when USA Today published its “Women of the Year” list, Americans noticed that one of the honorees is a biological male. Rachel Levine, formerly Richard, was appointed by Joe Biden as U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health.

This honor by USA Today is “a recognition of women across the country who have made a significant impact.” Critics have slammed this decision. For most of Levine’s life, Levine was identified as male until transitioning in 2011 at age 54. Prior to transitioning, Levine had two children with Levine’s ex-wife, Martha Peaslee Levine. Levine also attended an all-boys high school in Massachusettes where Levine played on the football team.

In response, Levine has accused critics of transphobia. Biden’s White House Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice congratulated “trailblazing” Levine on receiving the honor:

“Throughout my career, I have focused on the intersection between medical, mental and behavioral health,” Levine stated. “And as your ASH, I will continue that focus and support policy initiatives to improve Americans’ physical and mental well-being.”

Here’s what USA Today published about Levine:

Levine, 64, a trained pediatrician, became the nation’s highest-ranking openly transgender official last March when the Senate confirmed her as assistant secretary of health. Levine has spent her professional life in medicine – as an academic, a clinical researcher, a primary care physician and as Pennsylvania’s physical general and secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health – but she admits her current role has proven to be the most challenging.

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