Grateful To All Of Our Vets, But BEING A Vet Doesn’t Give You Carte Blanche To Be A Jerk. FYI.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

So as you know, Daisy and I are officially full time Chicks now.  My last day at 93WIBC was yesterday, she quit her corporate gig last month, and now we’re ready to start focusing our energy on COTR.

One of the things that has allowed us to be able to do that is the fact that we have an enormously devoted, receptive, engaged audience who has supported us and  – just as importantly – supported the sponsors of our video podcast. It’s a win-win, honestly.  We get to share discount codes of products that we personally use and love, our audience gets to discover new amazing products that they end up using personally and loving, our sponsors are happy, our sales director gets to present great results to potential future sponsors, and the wheels keep turning.

In order to keep our sponsors happy, we give two of them about 1-3 minutes of love in each video podcast.  We do that for three of them in our weekly deep dive.  So out of the 35+ minutes of content we bring you, generally only around 5 minutes is devoted to our advertisers.

So now you’ve got the background you’ll need to understand why I lost my temper with someone who wrote us recently.

Apparently, we have a viewer who’s fed up with the fact that we need to make an Actual Living in order to survive, and believes he’s entitled to our work without having to suffer through any mention of our sponsors.  BEHOLD this email we received late last week:

It’s as if this person has never listened to a radio station or watched TV ever in his entire life or something.  And the swipes about not being sensitive to “regular people” – WTF?  What does he think WE are?

Anyway, he caught me in a moment that I had Actual Time to respond, and I said #ALLTHETHINGS.

Wow.  You’re welcome for all the free content we provide you.  Who’d have thought a conservative would feel so entitled to our time and energy and efforts without understanding that the only way we’re able to do that so that it remains free to you is THROUGH ENDORSEMENTS and SPONSORSHIPS?

We do what we can to create community and try to be as responsive as possible to the thousands of people who pull at us from every direction every single day.  We field literally hundreds of emails a day, and cannot physically respond to every single one, as much as we’d like to. The fact that I’m spending this much time replying to your insulting garbage email actually makes me even angrier than your message itself.

We have not “recently become merchandise pawns.”  We talk about 2 sponsoring clients per video just like we always have for MONTHS.  And we’ll continue to do that, so that we can do this full time and still feed our families and keep our content free – even to people as deeply ungrateful and self-entitled as you seem to be.

You are not being forced to buy anything we recommend.  You are not being forced to watch us.  You are not being forced to listen to us.  But thankfully, we have tons of supporters who DO buy the products we recommend – which is why we get so many emails from happy customers! I am so grateful for our supporters who can and do buy from our sponsoring companies – because they’re the ones who help keep our content free to the rest of our audience who may not be able to make those same purchases.  They’re the ones who are helping people like you, who just think you should get the benefit of our commentary for nothing, and then who have the audacity to bitch simply because we are trying to earn a living.  Promoting our sponsors isn’t being unsympathetic to people who may not be able to afford the products we’re promoting.  Do you write TV stations letters like this every time you see an ad for a Mercedes just because you can’t afford or aren’t interested in buying one?  THINK ABOUT THAT.

Our show isn’t half advertising.  It’s MAYBE – JUST MAYBE 5 minutes out of 30-35 minutes.  So that you can consume our content for free.  And yet here you are, still demanding more of our time and attention.  Unreal.

Consider acting like an Actual Conservative, instead of an entitled, spoiled, liberal leech. 

I have NO PATIENCE for people who feel, without any justification, like we owe them something.

And then, after I sent that email, this guy had the audacity to throw the vet card at me.


In what possible way does being a retired disabled vet give this person any more justification for demanding more of our time and energy for free? The only thing that knowing this information beforehand would have changed about my response to him would have been that I likely would have started my response with, “Thanks for your service” and then the rest would have been the exact same.

My response was totally called for. I wasn’t having a rough day. And literally nothing about what this guy did in service to our country has anything to do with any of this.

He’s right about one thing – I DON’T know what he’s done or what he’s lost defending American rights. Daisy and I have always been huuuuuge supporters of our military (with the exception of its current top brass leadership which has proven to be utterly incompetent) but we also recognize that simply BEING a vet doesn’t automatically preclude you from being a jerk.  And if you’re the kind of vet who USES your vet status as a way to excuse bad behavior?  Nope.  That’s not ok. That just makes you even jerkier.

He wasn’t done.  I got this email next.


I wasn’t doubting his interest in conservatism or his political ideology.  I mean, if he’s a regular watcher of our podcast, chances are he’s on the same side politically.  My point was that demanding people give you something and behaving as though you’re somehow entitled to it is a classic liberal move. It’s the same philosophy held by the Left who believes that people have a RIGHT to healthcare, which comes at the expense of the labor and time and energy of other people.  No one has a right to the fruits of anyone else’s labor.

Listen.  I totally get it.  Commercials on TV are annoying.  Commercials on radio are annoying.  Commercials ANYWHERE are annoying.  But if you’re consuming content from someone else, those commercials are what is allowing you to do that without paying that content creator directly.  That’s the point I was trying to make in my response to him.  Which is why him saying, “BUT I AM A VET!” makes no sense to me.  Being a vet entitles you to many many benefits and discounts that you deserve for serving the country.  Getting a commercial free experience on every single platform and from every single content creator in existence isn’t one of those benefits.  Other people need to make a living too. It’s not “caving to corporate” to monetize your work.

I highly doubt this guy sends TV stations emails like the one he sent us. He’s not yelling at Tucker to respond to his emails and texts and he’s not telling Fox to stop advertising.  We’re easier to target, I guess.  Probably because we ARE regular people.

Anyway.  Welcome, Elrod, to our wall of shame.  And thanks for your service.


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