Orwell’s “1984” Gets “Trigger Warning” For “Explicit Material” While School Kids Have Access To Explicit Pedophilic Pornography

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

In George Orwell’s own England, the University of Northampton is now censoring Orwell’s iconic book, 1984, written to exemplify the dangers and horrors of censorship, government manipulation of language and thought, and tyranny under the guise of protection.

They’ve slapped a “trigger warning” on the book. Apparently, it contains “explicit material” which some university students may fine “offensive and upsetting.” The university class “Identity Under Construction” warns students that the class “addresses challenging issues related to violence, gender, sexuality, class, race, abuses, sexual abuse, political ideas and offensive language.”

Because heaven forbid we should trigger any ignorant or misinformed snowflakes who might read the book and discover the shocking truths and terrifying parallels to the current social and political practices of government overreach (Big Brother), language manipulation (Newspeak), censorship of thought and speech (thought police), medical tyranny, and class and racial discrimination. Heaven forbid we should open their eyes and induce anxiety when they realize exactly where we are headed.

Not surprisingly, the same academics believe that several other books, including V For Vendetta by Alan Moore, might also be “offensive and upsetting.” That’s actually one of the books I tell people to read when I want them to realize what’s happening around them right now. But they want to censor it as “offensive and upsetting.” Of course they don’t want people to wake up to reality through literature that paints and accurate portrait of the horrors of authoritarianism.

No, we can’t have that. Those books about censorship and State manipulation need to be censored as “offensive and upsetting” or “explicit material” in order to manipulate the people into accepting what’s going on around them.

But you know what’s apparently totally OK? Your children having unfettered access to pornographic indoctrinating radical woke leftist material in their schools. Yep. School libraries around the country, some of which surely haven’t been identified yet (as the school districts aren’t inclined to be transparent about this kind of stuff), provide graphic (and I mean graphic) novels in their libraries. Two of these books were described by one Fairfax County (Virginia) mom, Stacy Langton, in this way:

“One book describes a fourth-grade boy performing oral sex on an adult male. The other book has detailed illustrations of a man having sex with a boy. The illustrations include fellatio, sex toys, masturbation, and violent nudity.”

I have a 5th grade boy. He’s 10. Which mean the 4th grade boy depicted as giving a blow job to an adult male pedophile in this book is about 9 years old. That’s pornographic, pedophilic grooming.

These books are so graphically and explicitly pornographic that when Asra Nomani, of Parents Defending Education, posted a video to Twitter of Stacy Langton’s presentation to the Fairfax County School Board that included actual pictures and text from the books, it was covered by the social media company as hardcore pornography.

Twitter’s official policy on “adult content,” or pornography, says,

“Adult content is any consensually produced and distributed media that is pornographic or intended to cause sexual arousal. Some examples include, but are not limited to, depictions of: full or partial nudity, including close-ups of genitals, buttocks, or breasts (excluding content related to breastfeeding); simulated sexual acts; and sexual intercourse or other sexual acts – this also applies to cartoons, hentai, or anime involving humans or depictions of animals with human-like features. “

Apparently, the books available to your young teens in their school depicting grown adult men getting blow jobs from and masturbating with young boys, and young teens having various forms of sex qualify. It’s pornography when it’s posted on social media, but it’s educational literature for your young teen to check out from their school library.

Twitter also has a policy against “sexualized violence” and “inflicting physical harm on an individual within an intimate setting. Well, one of these books depicts a spear stabbing through a man’s anus and into his stomach as a way to depict painful homosexual intercourse. That qualifies.

You think this is only happening in radical Big Blue areas? Wrong. Parents in Olathe, Kansas, were outraged to discover a book called “All Boys Aren’t Blue,” which was added to a 7th grade classroom full of 12 year olds. Here are some explicit passages from that book.

“He reached his hand down and pulled out my d**k. He quickly went to giving me h**d. I just sat back and enjoyed it as I could tell he was, too.”

“He didn’t know I was a virgin, and I did my best to act dominant like my favorite porn star.”

“For the first few minutes, we dry humped and grinded. I was behind him with my stomach on his back as we kissed…he pulled out some condom and some lube….I had never done it before…I had one point of reference, though, and that was seven-plus years of watching pornography. Although the porn was heterosexual, it was enough of a reference point to get the job done.”

So why are these books making it into our schools? Because they are being promoted and recommended by such organizations as Good Morning America, CNN Summer Read Pick, Teen Vogue Recommended Read, Buzzfeed Recommended Read, People Magazine Best Book of the Summer, A New York Library Best Book of 2020, A Chicago Public Library Best Book of 2020, and countless other “experts” and “professionals.”

And while such books have been pulled from some schools following public outrage, how do we know what else there is, or where it might be?

If parents aren’t informed that these books are there, they may never know about them. And radical woke progressives in academia, who want to indoctrinate your children rather than educate them, certainly aren’t going to inform parents.

But Orwell’s 1984 simply must have a public trigger warning for explicit material to warn adult university students of potentially offensive or inappropriate content.

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