Two Major Companies Make Surprising Employee Vax Announcements

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Following the SCOTUS ruling blocking Biden’s mandate that private businesses be required to mandate vaccination or testing for their employees, major companies have been either dropping the requirements or continuing to uphold them in their companies. Usually, the politics of the companies pretty clearly indicate which way that company will lean on the vax mandate issue. But today, two big companies made rather surprising announcements.

First up– Starbucks.

Founded in ultra-progressive leftist Seattle, Washington, Starbucks is pretty much one of leftists favorites and has historically been a champion of all the radical woke progressive leftist things. But they just announced that they are dropping their vaccine or testing mandate for their more than 228,000 employees across the nation.

North American area president and COO, John Culver, disseminated a memo to staff on Tuesday saying,

“We respect the Court’s ruling and will comply… I want to emphasize that we continue to believe strongly in the spirit and intent of the mandate. Thank you to the more than 90 percent of partners who have already disclosed their vaccination status, and to the vast majority who are now fully vaccinated.”

The decision comes amid an increasing push for unionization, as well as historic inflation and labor shortages. I guess this is another great example of how virtue signaling morals ultimately come second to the bottom line, even for super woke leftist companies like Starbucks.

But I can already picture all the super woke radical progressives crying into their homemade coffee, lamenting that they can no longer pick up their favorite drink on their way to their weekly diversity/equity/inclusion struggle sessions because their favorite coffee spot isn’t indiscriminately forcing experimental and ineffective medical treatments on everyone they employ.

Conversely, another major company announced that it was keeping its employee vaccine or test mandate despite the Supreme Court ruling.

Next up–Carhartt

The company’s CEO Mark Valade circulated a memo stating,

“The [SCOTUS] ruling does not change Carhartt’s mandatory vaccination program.”

The company makes rugged outdoor work gear. Their adds target individuals who overwhelmingly fall into more conservative demographics, or at least more moderate than medical tyranny. Aside from a few hipsters who think Carhartt gear is a fashion statement, their customer base is essentially outdoor manual laborers, especially in rural settings. These cowboys and ranch hands who buy Carhartt just aren’t about medical tyranny.

According to the memo, “vaccines are necessary to protect our workforce.” From what, exactly? The virus? The Covid virus? You mean the virus against which the vaccine does not actually protect you, simply potentially reduces your symptoms, which are currently overwhelmingly a common cold? The virus you can still contract and still spread even if you are double vaxxed and boosted, as Israel’s 97.4% vaccinated and boosted country proves? The virus that your workers have essentially 99% chance of surviving, especially considering that the Omicron variant is killing essentially 99% fewer people than Delta while simultaneously affording millions of people the protection of natural immunity due to increased contagiousness and significantly decreased severity? Is that what the Carhartt CEO thinks he has to forcibly protect his 5,500 workers from?

Pretty much right after the memo surfaced, Carhartt found themselves in a sticky situation with almost immediate calls for an economic boycott, meaning wide scale encouragement of all these down-home country boys to take their money to other rugged outdoor clothing companies and to cut all the Carhartt tags off of their current gear.

Now, some people condemn this kind of economic boycott as simply being part of “cancel culture.” I disagree. Cancelling the way the leftists play it would mean digging up every possible thing that could be socially leveraged against the CEO and the company, and then destroying them through social blackmail.

All we’re doing is choosing to spend our money elsewhere.

You see, when leftists play this extremely effective game of social blackmail and cancelling, conservatives can’t simply pretend like the game isn’t being played. They can’t stand by and say, “I don’t agree with cancelling so I’m not going to engage in that kind of behavior.” Unfortunately, all that’s going to get you is a society where everything you value has been cancelled out because you decided you didn’t like the game that was being played so you didn’t fight back. Conservatives have been losing the culture war because, overwhelmingly, we prefer to stay out of it. Live and let live. Don’t engage. You do you. But the left doesn’t play by those rules. They won’t live and let live. They won’t let you do you. They’ll do anything and everything required to force you to comply with what they do and what they want you to do.

And if you don’t engage in any way that makes a meaningful impact, like with your money, then you’ll find you’ve lost a game that you insisted you weren’t going to play.

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