Survey Reveals What Democrats Really Want To Do To The unCOVIDvaccinated

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Have you ever wondered how Nazi Germany got to the point where average citizens were not only complicit but active participants in the imprisonment, torture, and genocide of millions of their fellow humans and neighbors?

Well, a Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Report national telephone and online survey of 1,016 likely voters that was conducted on January 5, 2022 gives us a shocking glimpse at just how that happened and just how close we are to that point in our own country.

Check out these specific questions and their partisan breakdown.

29% of democrats responded that they favor removing children from the custody of parents who choose not to get the COVID-19 vaccine. Doesn’t matter if you are even at risk or have natural immunity. If you don’t get a COVID-19 vaccine, then they want to assume that you are an unfit parent and have your children removed from your custody. I suspect they’d prefer to do that about a lot of issues–just remove the kids from the homes of people who hold different opinions and teach different values. The question is, who then takes care of all the kids who have been removed from the custody of fit parents who simply have different beliefs? I also wonder if they would favor removing kids from the custody of parents who smoke, since that is one of the worst possible things a person can do for their own health or the health of those with whom they live.

I don’t love the use of the word “refuse” because it actually manipulates the emotions surrounding the question itself. For example, a person can choose not to get married young or even at all, but that doesn’t mean they are “refusing” to get married. A person can choose not to get their ears pierced but that doesn’t mean they are “refusing” to pierce their ears. A person can choose not to continue continue IVF treatments after several difficult or failed rounds without “refusing” to continue IVF treatments. A person can choose not to have children while they are finishing school and starting a career, but that doesn’t mean they are “refusing” to have children. A person can choose not to undergo difficult cancer treatments upon the discovery of extremely advanced and terminal cancer but that doesn’t mean they are “refusing” them. These people are simply making choices, and perhaps they are not the choices you might have made or that you think they should have made, but they are making a choice. “Refusing” makes it seem like less of a choice and more of a protest. But it is (or should be) a choice.

47% of democrats responded that they favor requiring unCOVIDvaccinated people to be tracked electronically by the government. I guess that they don’t realize what a slippery slope that is. If the government can track, and therefore control or influence, every movement made by an unCOVIDvaccinated person, then they can-and will-do the same for the COVIDvaccinated given the opportunity. And what good would it do? Contact tracing to track transmission? Well, that doesn’t make sense, because the COVIDvaccinated can also transmit the disease, so why not track them, too? Why only the unCOVIDvaccinated when they aren’t the only ones who can and are spreading the disease? Unless it’s because they simply want to track this demographic for other reasons…

Almost half of the Democrats responded that they favor fining or imprisoning people who even publicly question whether the COVID vaccines do what we were promised they do. News flash, we know scientifically that they do not do what we were promised they do.

Remember when we were told that vaccines would totally stop you from getting or transmitting COVID and prevent variants from developing?

So, even though we know with absolute certainty that the efficacy of the existing COVID vaccines is not at all what was promised (that’s not to say they are useless but that they certainly aren’t what were promised), almost half of Democrat respondents favor fining or imprisoning a person who questions their efficacy. They want to jail you for simply asking valid questions.

45% of Democrat respondents want to put you in internment camps if you choose not to get a COVID vaccine. This one is less difficult to believe because we’ve watched this happen in Australia, where people are also being electronically tracked and monitored, consistent with one of the above survey questions.

Not surprisingly, China is also locking people down in quarantine camps ahead of the Winter Olympics, as more than 20 million people are very restrictively locked down. So, 45% of Democrat respondents want us to do what communist china does.

Almost 60% of Democrat respondents favor the unCOVIDvaccinated essentially being put under house arrest. Even though the COVIDvaccinated can contract and transmit the disease as well. So why, exactly, do they want to confine the unCOVIDvaccinated? Because it’s not to prevent people from spreading the disease, or else they’d have to confine the vaccinated as well. Do they really just not understand that both the COVIDvaccinated and unCOVIDvaccinated are contracting and then spreading the disease to the COVIDvaccinated and the unCOVIDvaccinated?

Finally, 55% of Democrat respondents want to make you pay for making a decision they don’t like.

Again, you can still contract and transmit the disease after being COVIDvaccinated, and there are numerous other personal health decisions (obesity and smoking to name two) that have a significantly more devastating impact on the healthcare system than the unCOVIDvaccinated. So those arguments are moot.

Ultimately, this survey is simply an indicator of exactly what some of your fellow Americans think of a portion of the nation, and an example of exactly how Nazi Germany got to the point where ordinary citizens were complicit and even active participants in the imprisonment, torture, and genocide of their fellow citizens.

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