Biden Unfavorably Compares Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. To Violent Career Criminal And Drug Abuser

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Yesterday we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day, in remembrance of a great man who spurred positive and necessary change in this great country.

I personally took the organically occurring opportunity to discuss racism, equality, and personal character with my own children when they asked why it was a holiday. It was an incredible conversation that took place in the car on our way home from sports practices, as most of our family’s best conversations do. It was full of good questions and discussion about a difficult but important topic.

Once I got home, I happened upon the following recently surfaced video of Joe Biden unfavorably comparing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to George Floyd.

You heard that right.

Imagine spending your life fighting for racial equality and integration, leading and advancing an incredibly powerful national movement to that same end, and ultimately being assassinated for that cause, which continued on to end racial segregation and create racial equality across the country…

And then being compared unfavorably to a violent drug-abusing career criminal (who, among other things, invaded a home and held a pregnant woman at gunpoint), who was then tragically killed while being arrested for yet another felony committed while high on various illegal drugs that he frequently ingest, and whose death sparked billions of dollars of nationwide violent and destructive looting and rioting (the antithesis of MLK’s peaceful philosophy), and who became the martyr for a national movement actively working to re-segregate, divide, and discriminate based on race.

The video shows comments made in June of 2020 at a meeting to discuss the economic reopening of Philadelphia. Biden was attempting to explain how today’s technology facilitated the mobilization of the radical woke leftist “social justice” movement that was sparked by the death of George Floyd. But all this video really does is show us exactly what kind of President we have today.

One who actually believes in and supports the very things that Dr. King worked so hard to abolish–racial discrimination and racial segregation.

What makes this whole situation worse is that Joe Biden is a proven and documented racist who frequently says racist things and has actively worked to implement numerous racist policies and practices throughout his incredibly long and pathetic political career.

No wonder he prefers the George Floyd narrative to the Martin Luther King Jr. narrative.

He prefers the one that sparked a movement to segregate, divide, and discriminate based one race, as he’s wanted all along.

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