Youngkin Is Following Through On Campaign Promises, Much to the Dismay of Democrats

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Democrats are so predictable.

Glenn Youngkin is now officially the governor of Virginia, and Dems are mad because he’s actually implementing the policies that got him elected.

I mean… it’s what the people voted him into office for, no?

Elections have consequences…

I guess I can understand the Dems’ confusion since they (and plenty of Republicans) run on certain platforms and then do absolutely none of the stuff they promised.

Like when Joe promised to shut down the virus

That’s goin’ real well…

He better shut it down soon, or he’s not gonna have anything to run on if the Dems decide to prop him up in ’24…

We all know how petty the Democrats are, but I’m gonna share this clip anyway. Just in case you thought Democrats cared about the concerns of parents, here’s a needle to burst your bubble:

That’s a middle finger to parents if I’ve ever seen one. All it does is further demonstrate that they didn’t care about your concerns at all. All they wanted was power. So if you came across party lines to vote for Youngkin because you wanted a say in your child’s education, then I’m thinking you made the right choice.

I’ll leave you with some clips of my new favorite person to listen to:

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