Houston Area Dep. Of Public Health Posts Interesting Advertisement

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Harris County, which is in Houston, TX, recently posted a very interesting public health advertisement encouraging the public to vaccinate their 5-11 year old children.

Here is my own screenshot of what they posted to their public page because they have restricted it from being shared off of Facebook (here’s the link to their Facebook page):

Well, this is interesting.

Here’s my rewrite of their caption:

“The vaccine, which won’t actually prevent your kid from contracting or transmitting COVID, might also give your totally healthy kid myocarditis, a life-long, serious, and potentially fatal heart condition that has no cure.

But don’t worry, the vaccine is safe and you should give it to your 5-11 year olds who statistically are at almost no risk from COVID, in order to protect everyone else who did get vaccinated, even though it won’t prevent your kid from contracting the disease or transmitting the disease to those other vaccinated people.

Oh, and your kid will still have to wear a mask in all public settings, quarantine upon confirmed or suspected exposure, socially distance, and suffer devastating psychological and social effects from other COVID “precautions” that also don’t prevent COVID infection or transmission.

And if you don’t give your kid the vaccine, your kid won’t be allowed to enter certain establishments or participate in certain activities and programs, because we as a society must protect everyone who did choose to get vaccinated from your unvaccinated kid, who could spread the disease to them. Even though your kid can still spread the disease to them after being vaccinated.

Because that’s how effective the safe-vaccine-that-might-give-your-kid-myocarditis really is.

And the pharmaceutical CEOs and opportunistic profiteering politicians who are making tens of billions of dollars off of you vaccinating yourself and your kids thank you for understanding how essential this is to public health.”

See? Makes perfect sense, right?

Notice also how they used the word “infrequent” rather than ”rare.” If they say anything at all about adverse reactions, they usually insist that they are “rare,” which means “extremely uncommon.” But, as it turns out, newly developed heart conditions after COVID vaccination are not “extremely uncommon” anymore. They’re not common, per se, but they’re no longer “rare.” Anecdotally, I know exactly 0 people in my personal life who have died of COVID and I know of only 2 people in my personal life who have been hospitalize due to COVID complications, and yet I personally know 10 people who have developed heart issues after being vaccinated or boosted.

Apparently, the Harris County department of public health felt obligated to accurately describe the devastating heart-related adverse reaction as “infrequent,” which literally means “not frequent.” Because, while it may not be frequent, it isn’t rare.

Now, I want to make one thing very clear. I am not anti-vaccine. I think vaccines overall are one of many modern medical miracles. I think that the COVID vaccines specifically were important to prove to the American people that things can be done in a timely manner when you cut through all the bureaucratic red tape and bologna. I think that the COVID vaccines specifically have very real health benefits, especially to those who are at greater risk, and I think that anyone who wants to or feels they need to get the vaccine should get it. And I’m glad that they have that option.

But I am staunchly anti-manipulation-of-information-to-influence-the-public’s-choice-and-drive-a-partisan-narrative. When you advertise the vaccines as totally safe and miraculously effective, and then you prohibit any discussion of adverse reactions or failures in promised efficacy, then the people will subsequently believe that the vaccines are totally safe and effective because they aren’t being allowed to know anything else. Which means they are not giving their informed consent because they are not being fully informed. People should be allowed to know all the information, not just the approved version of the information that fits the narrative, and then they should be allowed to make their own decision based on their risk factors and their personal health history.

I am also staunchly anti-vaccine-mandate because it leaves no room for individual circumstances or personal risk analysis. Once everyone has all the information, they should be allowed to choose whether or not to get the vaccine. And if they choose not to, then they are accepting any associated risk. And if they choose to get it, then they are also accepting any associated risk. But at least they are making an informed personal choice.

And the whole conversation about how the choice not to get the COVID vaccine affecting others by making them sick and being a burden on the healthcare system can be dispelled with two conversations– one about the COVID-vaccinated still being able to contract and transmit COVID, and one about the effect that personal health choices like smoking or those that lead to obesity have on the healthcare system.

Additionally, vaccine mandates, especially for experimental and ineffective vaccines, is an incredibly slippery totalitarian slope. Who’s to stop them from mandating forced abortions or vasectomies/hysterectomies to ensure only 2 children per family because climate change is such a danger to public health, and population growth has a negative impact on climate change (or the government simply wants more control and that’s a sufficiently believable excuse). It’s a dangerous precedent to set.

Anyway, here’s a quick trip down the mainstream media and liberal politician narrative memory lane. Enjoy!

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