Um, Hillary? NO MEANS NO.

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Hillary is officially stalking us, y’all.  It’s pathetic, yes, but borderline terrifying.  The woman is freaking old, so you’d think after all these years, she’d understand how to decipher social cues.  You know, how to read the room, Hillz.


But see, Hillary is incapable of reading the room.  And now she’s turned into Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction:

That’s right. She just doesn’t get it.  After ALL these years, for the love of GOD, HILLARY  just doesn’t get it.

And these yahoos are talking about Liz Cheney possibly running on the Democrat ticket now, too, because of course they’re doing that.  It makes all the sense, seeing as how Liz is a pathetic traitor who doesn’t represent her constituents and all.  Ah, D.C.  You lowlife scumbags.

Hope you enjoy your mac-daddy pension compliments of the people you demonize, Liz!

Meanwhile, in Amerika, Democrats’ policies are so unbelievably awful – as evidenced by this complete failure of an administration, the economy, runaway inflation, the disgrace in Afghanistan, the Covid debacle and more people dying under Biden’s watch (remember when the senile ol’ man blamed all those deaths on Trump?), the WIDE OPEN southern border, drugs and disease pouring over said border, and I could go on and on, but you get the drift – that they’re simply grasping at this point.  Democrats are DESPERATE.  They’re drumming up voter suppression and Biden’s giving divisive speeches about how we’re so raaaaaaaaaaaaaaacist when he’s not dividing us into the vaxxed and the dirty, disgusting unvaxxed.  Ah yes, the great Unifier.

They have no bench of talent.  No real leaders in the wings.  So naturally, they dig up two-time LOSER Hillary.

This is what hope and change looks like for the Dems in 2022, and I AM HERE FOR IT.  The elections cannot come soon enough.


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