No Need To Argue, The Proof Is In The Pudding

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I teach dance, I’ve been doing so since I was a teenager. There’s not a lot of money in it, but it’s rewarding and challenging. I’ve debating opening my own studio, but so far I haven’t. 

I work for people whose goals and vision I share; we want to produce quality dances with unique choreography while avoiding injury and developing the character of our students. We share memes and travel together outside of the studio, and for the most part we share similar life values. But out of the 6 instructors at the studio, only two of us are unvaxed. By the time we add in office staff and physical therapists, yep, still just the two of us.

To each his own, if you think it will help you, then get it. If you don’t want to, then don’t do it. We all basically agree on that philosophy, though they simply don’t understand why I don’t want to. Still, they don’t really push, and I don’t push my opinion on them when it comes up in group conversations.

Now that the latest variant has hit the scene, we’re dealing with school policies on quarantines changing, mask policies changing, and the mounting fear of parents and students. All of these things affect the outlook for our dance season. Even amongst these dance instructors with whom I share so many views, there are some that fall into the fear and irrationality I generally contribute to leftists. 

“Do we cancel the February show?…Do we close for a week to let the rate of cases slow down…Do we require masks while kids are dancing or allow them to be optional?…”

My follow unvaxed coworker is frustrated…”If we cancel next month’s show we may as well cancel all of them. Masks are already optional, if they want to wear one they can…” I hear ya girl. But here’s the thing, we just work here, and trying to convince the boss to change her way of thinking on this is going to take more time than either of us have. People have trained themselves, according to whatever news sources or social circles they’ve surrounded themselves with, to build strict boundaries on what’s true or acceptable.

These boundaries don’t have to make sense to us, but apparently they make some sort of sense to the person who holds them, because there’s often no point in arguing and trying to come to a resolution everyone accepts.

It’s like you’re speaking English and they’re speaking Cantonese. Uh, que?

(No, that was not Cantonese)

While we want to be able to have rational debate it is not always feasible, so here is your reminder to argue smarter, not harder. We have the internet at our fingertips. Send them an article about how well the vax is currently working.

No reply necessary Karen, just thought you’d like to see something interesting. That’s my favorite way to share things these days. “Oh, isn’t this interesting?”…

In California nurses who test positive, but have been previously vaxed, are clear to return to work. Still positive. Yes they’ve got that Rona, but, so many healthy people were fired for being unvaxed that there aren’t enough personnel to staff the hospital and apparently it’s worth the risk.

This sounds like something we were warned against…

Make it make sense. Because, does it? Not at all. Will some psycho argue that there’s safe and trustworthy logic behind it? I’m sure. But will the average person see that and start asking wtf? Well I certainly hope so!

Here in North Carolina students who have come into contact with a positive case have different quarantine rules depending on whether or not they’ve had their shots. Vaxed? No quarantine necessary. Unvaxed? Stay home for a week, you’re not needed here. Even though everyone can catch it. And I’m sure standards will change again since the definition of “fully vaxed” is now morphing to only include the boosted.

Yet another thing for us to be divisive over very soon. Hurray.

So if you’re being confronted by people at home, school, or work, this is one of those areas where it may not be beneficial to argue your point. No matter what side you’re on you’re labeled “misinformed “. It’s a waste of time and a waste of oxygen at this point.

Especially when you can simply wait to see what happens next.

The NCAA just declared that athletes who have had Corona recently will be considered fully vaxed. Yup, natural immunity, it’s not just a conspiracy theory anymore. Funny, when people claimed this a few months ago, they were crazy zealots. Time and sunshine are natural disinfectants. Just let it out into the open and…wait.

Can you organize hours of videos and articles from “expert voices” telling you how you should proceed with life?  Yes. Are people going to be swayed by it? Probably not. People tend to like evidence and demonstrable facts before making decisions. So sometimes you have to save your sanity and simply give it time.

People said staff shortages would become a problem. They weren’t believed. And now it’s come to pass. I’m sure time will show us a great many affirmations this year.

If you’re feeling worn out or dismayed, remember that you always don’t have to continue arguing. Most people’s ears aren’t attuned to listening in the first place. If we’ve learned anything in the past two years of “14 days to slow the spread” it’s that things change. Constantly. Instead of arguing with a brick wall it’s okay to tell them, I guess we’ll wait and see. Just get ready to work on your humble “I told you so” face. No one like a smug know it all.

I follow Megan McGlover, first because she’s hilarious and second because she speaks directly. Recently she posted a video with a similar message and I find her articulation of it amusing. You think what? And you want to argue about it?? No thanks, I’ll just wait…

For the record, I’m not anti-vax; my husband received his early on, like most of the military. I simply don’t see the point in popping a blood vessel arguing with people who would rather rabidly and religiously defend their position, whatever it may be, than have a reasonable discussion. Call me old, but that ish is for the birds!

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