Fauci vs Paul, Cruz Loses His Crap, Biden Yells and Lies, And Liberal Dumba$$ery

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

There is SO MUCH GOING ON, y’all.  First and foremost, Fauci and Rand Paul squared off once again, and Fauci attempted to paint HIMSELF as a victim.  Because POOR, VICTIMIZED FAAAUUUUUUCI.

OMG shut UP you lying troll.

In other on-the-Hill news, Cruz lost his crap because some pearl-clutching reporter asked him about his non-mask-wearing.  And on that Covid note, I’m OVER ALL OF THIS CRAP.  Seriously, y’all.  We are approaching year three of American adult dumbassery of epic proportions, and it’s affecting our kids.

Oh yeah – and Biden was screaming and lying about how minorities can’t get access to the polls.  It’s not only a complete and utter LIE, but it’s offensive to black people and Hispanic people in this country, and if so many of them weren’t in lock-step with Democrats, they could actually see HOW MUCH THEY’RE BEING FREAKING PLAYED BY THEM.

Ah yes, another day.  Another dose of crazy.

Happy Hump Day, everyone!


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