WH: The Unvaccinated Will See “A Winter of Severe Illness and Death”

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Well… apparently I’m in for a long, painful winter that ends in my death…

Good to know.

I’m so glad that decency and respect was restored to the White House. If it wasn’t for messages like this, I wouldn’t know how to feel:

I’m quaking in my boots…

You know what would really convince someone to get vaccinated? Threaten them with their impending death!

Don’t forget about the deaths of their family members!!

Is this Biden’s attempt at a mean tweet? Because if it is, his writing team needs to go back to the drawing board. All you guys did was out yourselves as the out-of-touch idiots that we already knew you were.

I’m pretty sure threatening people isn’t the way to “convince” them to get vaccinated… but, you do you.

Omicron gives you fatigue. Insert panic here.

I have severe allergies and I’m tired no matter how much sleep I get, so I would get Omicron and feel no different than I do any other day.

I don’t know what people are waiting for…

Politicians and medical “experts” like Fauci are never going to declare Covid “over.” Why would they willingly give up such a powerful political tool? Nothing motivates people like fear.

We blindly followed their advice when this all started in the hopes that we could go back to normal faster.



Remote learning.

We did everything they asked us to, and none of it worked.

Merry Christmas to you too, Joe. I’ll be over here drinking my eggnog in the great state of Texas, where we’ve all moved on with our lives.

Other than the stream of illegal immigrants pouring over the border, it’s a great place to be…

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