WATCH: Biden Discusses Travelling Commercially at 15,000 mph; Desegregating Movie Theatres and Restaurants in Delaware

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I don’t know why Biden’s handlers keep letting him go places.

Every time the guy opens his mouth, sh*t that makes absolutely zero sense comes pouring out.

This time, Joe was giving the commencement speech for South Carolina State University, and man… I feel like he gets worse every time he talks.

Here’s a clip of Joe talking about the future of commercial travel:


He’s talking about commercial travel being capable of reaching speeds of 12-15,000 mph.

I’m gonna give you a little speed perspective…

From NASA:

The Space Shuttle does zero to 17,000 mph in 8.5 minutes. The speed of the gases exiting the Solid Rocket Booster motor is 6,000 mph — three times the speed of a high-powered rifle.

I guess we’re all gonna be zipping around on tiny space shuttles?…

Are we all going to need specialized suits to travel everywhere? Is the government paying for those?

So. Many. Questions.

Also… I’d hate to see the aftermath of an accident involving two of those. I’ll just teleport, thanks…

Ok, here’s another clip of Joe talking about being a hero of desegregation:

If this is like any other story he’s ever told… then I would lean towards thinking this is a flat-out lie. Maybe he saw a movie about that once. It’s the same thing.

He got 81 million votes, you guys…

That’s totally believable, right?

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