The Chicks’ Long History With Unprofessionalism And Complete Lack Of Skill With Technology

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

If you haven’t yet joined our Facebook Insiders Group, then you are missing out on two very important things.  First, an amazing community of like-minded people who genuinely love, support, and pray for one another on the regular – in a completely troll-free zone.  And second, exclusive videos just for the Insiders, which are a little more laid back, generally done in our rattiest weekend wear or PJs – where we try (but let’s be honest – are not particularly good about it) to answer questions and communicate more directly with folks in the chat.

Invariably, we encounter technical difficulties NOT because of problems with our equipment or software issues or anything like that, but because we are COMPLETE DORKS.  Case in point.  This past weekend, in our video exclusive, Daisy disappeared suddenly from the livestream.  Just POOF.  Gone.  And when she returned, apparently there was some trickery and wizardry happening with her airpods and/or her connection that made the sound…well, just watch.

And if you’ve been followers of ours for some time, you know that these kinds of shenanigans are nothing new for us.  Let’s throw it way back to 2012:

And then last year when we were trying to figure out going live via Streamyard:

And learning features that we don’t ever actually end up using because we’re too afraid and then discover that we actually posted to the wrong FB page:

There are endless examples of what dorks we are.

But my main point here is that you should join the Facebook Insiders Group because it’s a complete blast and the people there are fantastic.  Check it out right here! Note: in order to join, you need to be on a laptop/desktop and not smart phone for some reason.  Only Zuckerberg can explain why.

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