Trans Woman Smashes Multiple University Women’s Swim Records, Sparks Controversy

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

A University of Pennsylvania “women’s” swimmer, Lia “Will” Thomas, has caused significant controversy after absolutely demolishing countless school records and even threatening Olympic swimmer times.

You see, she spent 20 years as a he. 20 years developing a distinctly biologically male body with male musculature, male bone structure, etc. And for three of those years, she competed on the men’s swim team, although she doesn’t appear to have been any kind of a standout when competing against men.

Then Covid shut everything down for a year, and Will became Lia, a transgender woman. Her last competition as a man was November 16, 2019.

The NCAA rules state,

“A trans female treated with testosterone suppression medication may continue to compete on a men’s team but may not compete on a women’s team without changing it to a mixed team status until completing one year of testosterone suppression treatment.”

After 20 years of male hormones developing that male athlete body, Lia took a year off and came back to smash all the women’s swim records and soar straight to the top of the sport, past every other dedicated and hardworking female who has been giving their best effort for years. And they just don’t stand a chance.

As Clay Travis of Outback said,

“One year of testosterone suppression treatment and you can get right out there with the women and kick their asses. That’s the rule.”

Thomas told the campus newspaper,

“Being trans has not affected my ability to do this sport and being able to continue is very rewarding.”

Very rewarding indeed. Based on the times Thomas is putting up on the women’s swim team now, she could medal at the NCAA Women’s Championships. Probably a pipe dream when she was competing with the men.

There was significant outrage on social media, all of which was predictably labeled “transphobic.”

The Daily Mail documented a bit of the outrage on social media, and published numerous pictures of Lia Thomas over the years as Will Thomas during his collegiate swim career.

If there’s really no advantage, why is it that women who transition to men don’t suddenly smash all their records, while men who transition to women routinely smash all the records and find themselves at the very top of their sport?

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