Finished – I Read White Fragility So You Don’t Have To, And It Was A Waste Of Time

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

There are so many interesting things to talk about it’s hard to know where to start. Protestors were chanting “Black Lives Matter” outside of a Kenosha Courthouse when a young white male was on trial for killing three white people in self-defense. Mhm, all that racism. Found innocent? MORE RACISM. Drivers in Slovenia must present Corona certificates in order to refuel their cars. Because, you know, health and safety. The Socialist Federal Republic of Slovenia ended in 1991. The country has experienced Facism in it’s true form, Nazism, and Communism, but it’s not done yet! An assistant professor at Old Dominion University is on leave after saying that using a term that indicates who someone is attracted to, like pedophile, does not indicate anything about the morality of that attraction…blink blink…he goes on to say that using the phrase Minor Attracted Person is less stigmatizing. Now. Call me a bigot, but I’m perfectly fine with a pedophile thinking I’m judging the morality of their attraction to children. Because I definitely am.

So as society devolves into whatever circle of hell wants to normalize the term MAP (minor attracted persons), I’ve been on a hunt for meaning. Make it make sense! How did we get here, and why??

For a while now my husband has been encouraging me to read White Fragility, to see how the other side thinks. I have adamantly refused. He can read books he disagrees with, all the way to the end, like a psychopath. Meanwhile, 2021 has been sandpaper on my already thin level of patience. The minute I hear a virtue signaling tag line, I’m OUT. I’m canceling streaming services, I’m finding a new doctor, I’m never buying that product or going to that restaurant. I’m at a place in life where I will sell our house, buy a plot land, build a new house from scratch by following other weirdos on the internet, and learn to grow all of my own food so I don’t have to interact with progressives. Some call it extreme, I call it mental health.

So when he called me out on my waning patience and my inability to listen to the other side, I had to admit he was right. I was turning my nose up at cretins on the left, I mean, progressives. And so I read the stupid book.

Okay. I read most of the book. But! I was willing to read it, so this is progress! And, though I wore a look of disgust practically the entire time, I even reread chapters trying to get a deeper understanding of the concepts it detailed.

Reading the book took me almost two weeks, and each day was a hard fought battle. I am a speed reader. If I have a book I like and a break off of work, I read at least one book a day. Two weeks of reading usually means I’m tackling something like Tolstoy’s War and Peace, not 200 pages written by someone with a PhD in Critical Race and Social Justice Education.

The forward of White Fragility is written by Michael Eric Dyson. He is a pseudo intellectual who uses a lot of words to say very little. To help paint a picture of his mentality, Dyson described Winsome Sears (a Republican, and the first black woman Lt Governor of Virginia) with the phrase, “white supremacy by ventriloquist effect.” He said, “There is a black mouth moving, but a white idea running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates of the white supremacist practices.” So you can probably tell what I think of Michael Eric Dyson…

If you’ve ever watched Damon Wayans’ prisoner character from In Living Color, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, here is a video, and you’re welcome.

It only gets worse from there, and as I willingly admitted, I did not finish the book. But here’s what I gathered from what I was able to read, and what I saw from watching videos of appearances the author has made….Robin D’Angelo is obsessed with race. It’s not just about White Fragility. She’s also written “Nice Racism : How Progressive White People Perpetuate Racial Harm”, “What Does it Mean to be White? : Developing White Racial Literacy”, and “Are We Really Equal? : An Introduction to Key Concepts in Social Justice Education”. D’Angelo sees race in everything, and in fact the less you see race, the more that’s evidence of your racism. You color-blind people need an intervention!

The whole concept of white fragility is a self-fulfilling prophecy if I’ve ever seen one. D’Angelo claims she was “taken-aback” when people were unhappy with being forced to attend her corporate diversity workshops. She couldn’t understand their resentment or disinterest, especially when there were few or no people of color in the workplace. In her mind, the lack of diversity in the workplace indicated a problem, and they should have been thrilled that she was able to share her expert opinion where it was clearly needed. I’m not exaggerating, I’m paraphrasing, and yes she said these things.

She actually says many stupid things, but one that is repeated often is “I am this way, I actually think most white people are this way, and I have based all of my genius conclusions on that assumption”. D’Angelo lives in a society that is separated by race and insulated from racial stress, so all you white people must too. She has a deep internalized sense of superiority, and therefore you do too. Don’t worry though, she can help you with that!

All you have to do is subscribe to her ideology, and bring your friends along for the ride. It’s a black hole of white guilt, the deeper you go, the deeper you need to go. D’Angelo sells one way tickets to crazy town.

Long story short, don’t read “White Fragility”. You’ll grow dumber, I’m fairly certain of this. I wouldn’t even suggest burning it for warmth in case of emergency, the pages themselves may honestly be contaminated with toxic BS.

Does anyone know some poor soul who’s read this stupid ass book and actually agreed with it? Are they normal people? How does this even happen? Make it make sense.

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