Protesters Chant ‘Black Lives Matter’ Outside Kenosha County Courthouse

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

A white child molester and a white convicted felon were murdered…but somehow that relates to black lives…?

Did these white folks identify as black folks?

One of the dudes who was killed was repeatedly chanting the “N” word with a hard R. I thought BLM didn’t like that.

I’m confused… who is BLM advocating for exactly? Random black folks that weren’t even involved in this scenario? That’s a little narcissistic and overtly ignorant.

Or perhaps the convicted child rapist?

OH, oh! The wife beater, maybe?

I have so many questions.

Sir, go home, you’re drunk.

This photo seems to paint a different narrative –


Here are the left’s heroes. Perhaps we’ll see their murals delicately painted in a city near you –


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