The Kenosha Prosecutor Is A Cartoon Character, And HAPPY VETERANS DAY!

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

The Rittenhouse trial has become an absolute spectacle, y’all.  And that prosecuting attorney?  He is the living, breathing reason there are bad lawyer jokes.

We’re also talking about vaccines.  Because when are we NOT talking about Covid, right?  And Matthew ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT is talking about them, too.

It’s Veterans Day, too!  We are so incredibly grateful to all of you who have served and who are serving the most amazing country on the planet.  We wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing if it weren’t for the sacrifices you’ve made for US.  From the  bottom of our Chick hearts….THANK YOU.  Love and hugs to you today and every day.

Hug a veteran! THANK them and honor them and tell them how much they’re appreciated today and always, y’all.


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