LeBron James Under Fire For Mocking Kyle Rittenhouse Breakdown In Court

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This is quite rich, coming from the guy who breaks down from a leg cramp.


There’s a visual for ya.

The 36-year-old Lakers star, LeBron James, is under fire for mocking 18-year-old Kenosha protest gunman, Kyle Rittenhouse, suggesting that Rittenhouse was faking his breakdown in court.

LeBron already doesn’t have a good history with these issues, so he should just fake another leg cramp and sit this one out.

The New York Post reported:

Many also reminded the Lakers star of his earlier scandal over his inflammatory tweet after the fatal police shooting in April of Ma’Khia Bryant, 16, as she lunged at another girl with a knife in Columbus, Ohio.

James later apologized for tweeting out a photo of the officer along with the seemingly threatening caption, “YOU’RE NEXT.”

“Remember what happened the last time you ran your mouth about a shooting? About the same thing here,” Afghan war veteran and one-time congressional candidate Chris Manning told him.

Sheesh, either someone isn’t showing enough remorse, or they’re showing too much? It’s never enough for these libs.

Oh, and aren’t we supposed to encourage men to show their feelings? Or is that only pertaining to the wealthy liberals? Asking for a friend.

Yes, the kid is an ugly crier and quite expressive. But I think it’s important to remember that he’s a KID.

Twitter did not take kindly to LeBron’s ignorance –

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