Biden Is Long-Farty And Screamy Again, Granholm Is Sinister-Laughing, And More Monday News!

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Biden is screaming again, y’all.  This time, it’s about how it’s all our fault that he forgot he wasn’t the one running the country.

Speaking of Biden, royal-Camilla Chick CANNOT stop talking about how he farted in front of her.  Because that’s our President.

God help us.

Also, Granholm is creepy and smug and is laughing at the notion of all of us minions having to pay ridiculous amounts of money for gas.  I mean, it’s not like that’s going to be a problem for people like HER, after all….

So much Monday neeeeews!  Hope y’all have a great one, despite the fact that our republic is crumbling.  You know.


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