CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Mocked For Reporting On COP26 Climate Summit From Wrong City

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

I’m not the least bit surprised that CNN, one of the preeminent mainstream fake-news partisan political propaganda outlets, literally posted up in the wrong city to report on COP26, which Wolf Blitzer carefully explains stands for “Conference of the Parties.” Heaven forbid any of his audience not know what COP26 stands for, or be incapable of looking it up, and simply assume that it had something to do with public enemy number one– the cops. Or are conservative parents public enemy number one at this point, what with the school board support/domestic terrorism controversy? It’s hard to keep up with who’s hated more these days.

Turns out, the conference is in Glasgow, almost 40 miles west of Edinburgh.

This dude literally flew all the way to Scotland (which is hilarious considering it was for a climate conference… Wonder if he shared a private jet with Climate Czar John Kerry?) drove to a location his network must have decided was perfect for his report, got his set prepped, and then tweeted to the world about reporting from the conference in the wrong city.

He could not even get the city right for a major international climate conference. How can we possibly take anything he says seriously ever again? If people didn’t already know which city the conference was supposed to be in, and weren’t easily able to call him out for going to the wrong city, then he may never have corrected himself or informed the public of the truth. So imagine what could be happening with Covid reporting, where the average citizen doesn’t have the knowledge to correct any misinformation, much less are permitted to publicly call out the misinformation, coming from these major news networks.

Even other journalists and numerous European news publications mocked him.

Anyway, he tried to manage the optics in a follow-up tweet in which he was careful to include the correct location and imply a reason for why he was in the wrong city.

And supporters have blasted all the mocking critics by being like, ‘Oh, yeah, he just posted up there in the wrong city and announced that they were reporting on the conference in the wrong city because that is where Air Force One landed. Stop making a big deal out of it.’ But that’s not what he actually said. He literally said he was “reporting from Edinburgh” where “20,000 world leaders and delegates have gathered for the COP26 Climate Summit.” Which is patently, objectively false. Then again, objectivity is something CNN obviously struggles with…

If he meant that he was waiting in Edinburgh for the arrival of the President who would then continue on to Glasgow to attend the climate summit taking place there, then that’s what he should have said.

Imagine if social media had censored anyone who corrected his insinuation that the conference was in Edinburgh saying that it was “misinformation” and that “fact-checkers” had confirmed that Wolf Blitzer was indeed in Edinburgh reporting on the climate conference, and that what he actually probably meant was that he was waiting for Air Force One to land in Edinburgh to attend the climate conference in Glasgow, thus any post about CNN or Wolf Blitzer going to the wrong city is rated as false or misleading.

See how this works? See how dangerous this is?

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