Psaki Denies 2:30am Flights Transporting Illegal Immigrants As ‘Middle Of The Night,’ Is Instead Referred To As ‘Early Flight’

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White House Press Secretary really thought she was accomplishing something by denying 2:30am being the middle of the night, and instead defines this as an “early flight.”

Sheesh, all these illegal immigrants are being flown across our country, but you really got a zinger of an argument with how you may or may not define the middle of the night. Psaki is either THAT out of touch or she’s playing the puppet just like the president.

White House Correspondent with Fox News, Peter Doocy, asked Jen Psaki, “Why is the administration flying thousands of migrants from the border to Florida and New York in the middle of the night?”

Jen Psaki avoids direct answers like the plague and decides to narrow her answer to the technicality about what may or may not constitute as ‘the middle of the night.’

Psaki responded saying, “Well, I’m not sure that it’s in the middle of the night…”

Doocy interrupted her purposeful negligence with the exact times of 2:30am and 4:29am.

Psaki said, “Here we are talking about early flights, earlier than you might like to take a flight. It is our legal responsibility to safely care for unaccompanied children until they can be swiftly reunited with a parent or a vetted sponsor. In recent weeks, unaccompanied children have passed through the Westchester airport…en route to their final destination to be reunited with their parents or vetted sponsor. It’s no surprise that kids can be seen travelling through states, it’s not just New York.”

Uhm, I mean, these are flights I’d like to just not take place… being full of illegal aliens and such… but clearly the Democrats will continue to pretend like the ILLEGAL portion of that phrase is nonexistent.

According to Fox News:

The New York Post reported on Monday that planeloads of unaccompanied underage migrants have been secretly flown in the middle of the night into suburban New York on charter flights from Texas.

The report stated that around 2,000 illegal immigrants have landed at a New York Airport outside of White Plains on 21 flights since August 8.

Records show that many of those planes landed between midnight and 6:30 AM.

At least 160,000 illegal immigrants have been released into the U.S., often with little to no supervision, by the Biden administration since March – including a broad use of limited parole authorities to make more than 30,000 eligible for work permits since August, Border Patrol documents obtained by Fox News show.

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